Roche Bobois Celebrates 40 Years in USA With Culturally Diverse Traveler Chair

Roche Bobois Traveler Chair

Photos Courtesy of Roche Bobois

To celebrate 40 years in the United States, the French company Roche Bobois brought in American designer Stephen Burks to design the Traveler Chair ($11,800). The idea is actually split into two different exclusive designs, an American chair and a European one, and are meant to highlight the differences and similarities of the two cultures. 

"The Traveler Chair embraces design in all its forms, from traditional craft through mass production, embodying a traveler's perspective of America and Europe," says the company. The American version is has an ash wood frame with leather straps and over-stuffed cushions that look perfect for some relaxed lounging. The European chair has a metal frame with leather cords woven over it and plush leather cushions, not to mention a rather dramatic fanned hood made from 1,420 feet of leather cords. If you don't like the hood, you can buy it with a smaller version that uses just 970 feet of cord instead.  

Roche Bobois Traveler Chair

“It was important to work with an American designer during this landmark year—our 40th in the U.S. market,” says Roche Bobois Creative Director Nicolas Roche. “This is our second significant American-designed collection after Vladimir Kagan in 2000. We were magnetically drawn to Stephen’s international approach and his ability to acknowledge the contribution of all peoples and synthesize them in a multi-cultural project. He’s a very creative person whose beliefs perfectly align with Roche Bobois.”

Though you can't buy the Traveler Chair online, you can snatch them at a few Roche Bobois locations in southern California—including Los Angeles. The best way to get yourself one if you're not in the area is to visit their website or call the store directly.  

Roche Bobois Traveler Chair

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