Revisit Childhood With The Arcade 80's Trunk

Pinel et Pinel

Photo Courtesy of Pinel et Pinel
Remember the days of wiling away an afternoon at the video arcade? Your pockets filled with quarters and your eyes trained fervently on the screen as you compelled Pac-Man to consume as many pac-dots as possible, all while avoiding those colorful jellyfish-like enemies, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde? Now you can reclaim those lost afternoons of youth (except without the scramble for more quarters or sticky fingered interference from that mid-game snack bar hostess cupcake) with the Arcade 80’s Trunk by luxury design group Pinel et Pinel.

The French company was started by Fred Pinel, who envisioned creating a reinterpretation of 1930’s steamer trunks, complete with secret compartments and made from beautiful, high quality materials. Many of his products are crafted with materials such as full-grain leather, crocodile, shagreen, and incorporate the latest technology—think music, office, or even sports equipped. The hallmark trait of the Pinel trunks is their lifestyle-ready aesthetics and functionality, which produce made-to-order pieces that fall perfectly in line with whatever leisure activity fits your heart’s desire.
The Arcade 80’s Trunk was created in two versions: Classic and GT, designed to look like a streamlined, gaming version of a racetrack ready sports car. Painted lines, Chromium-plated dashboard, a 1080 pixel screen, and 60 titles from the world of videogaming, including Capcom’s 1942, Taito’s Space Invaders, and the ever popular Pacman, make this is a must-have luxury accessory. The trunk is also equipped to function as a jukebox. The arcade system is outfitted with digital amplifiers and an integrated subwoofer to ensure your gaming sesh can be accompanied by favorite jams from your iPod.
Encased in calfskin in a range of 51 colors, which can also be customized on demand or outfitted in crocodile or shagreen, the Arcade Trunk is priced at around 16,000 Euros. To see the full range of Pinel Pinel products, from luggage to luxury trunks made for everything including picnics and intensive film study visit

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