The Luxe List: Top Toys for Posh Tots - Part 1:

Luxury Toys: When it comes to high-end, high quality, high energy toys, GEOSPACE International is among the best in the world. With an extensive and durable product line that includes many of the toy industry's greatest innovations, at least one GEOSPACE item is sure to be at the top of your posh tot's holiday wish list.

Here are a few of the company's newest offerings - and a few perennial favorites - that are sure to delight:

AIR KICKS, Jr. Anti-Gravity Boots ($139.99)
Like a walk on the moon, GEOSPACE's AIR KICKS seem to defy gravity with every fun-filled step. Kids simply adjust the boot's length to fit their feet, strapping it on right over athletic shoes, and they're off! Heavy-duty, interchangeable rubber T-Springs transform downward energy into bouncing motions that are gentle on joints and bones.

AIR KICKS also feature a high-traction tread that's safe to use on any surface, indoors or out, and won't mar floors! They're great for burning calories, building coordination and strengthening leg muscles. Give someone you love age 6 and above AIR KICKS and they're sure to be jumping for joy.

JUMPAROO Anti-Gravity Pogo ($89.99)
Forget everything you've ever heard about Pogo Stick-type toys. JUMPAROOs rewrite the book on this classic, high-energy play form. Unlike other pogos, JUMPAROO is stable and easy to balance on, thanks to its wide, high-traction base. Even first timers can bounce or travel nearly indefinitely without falling off, allowing for more fun and exuberant exercise.

Patented, exceptionally rugged rubber T-Springs bounce an astonishing two feet in the air! An adjustable-height "joystick" provides directional control. What's more, the JUMPAROOs non-marring base won't mark floors, so it can be used indoors and out. Three different sizes cover everyone from 4-year-olds to adults.

WALKAROO Stilts ($49.99)
Stilts have been enjoyed by children and adults for centuries. Perhaps it's the instant boost in height, or the physical challenge of balancing and walking or the outrageous fun. Whatever the reason, stilts are a perennial favorite around the world. GEOSPACE has taken the basic stilt design and made it a whole lot better - easier to learn, easier to use, more ergonomically correct, and more fun!

Most stilts are simply straight poles with foot platforms attached to the sides. The tops of the poles rest behind your shoulders, forcing your upper body to slump forward. Not these! A "S-bend" wraps around your shoulders, uniquely allowing you to remain comfortably upright. Another end at the foot platform (11" above the ground) places your weight directly over the lower pole for vastly improved control. What's more, WALKAROO Stilts quickly adjust to accommodate anyone from 4'6" to 6'6", so the whole family 210 lbs. and under, ages 6 and up can get in on the fun!

WALKAROO Stilts are made of rugged tubular steel, with non-marking rubber "feet." They may be used indoors and out.

Morphing easily between robot and car, this dual-personality radio-controlled wonder intrigues children with its bizarre design, anthropomorphic qualities, and, most importantly, its wild ride. When coiled around its oversize lighted rear wheels, ROBOCAR looks like your average robot with a pair of plastic wheels sticking out of its visored head. Uncoil the body, however, and it changes into something else entirely: a full-blown, power-hungry, silver-and-gold streak of hot-rod lightning.

Not only does it perform the usual car tricks via the remote controller's two toggles-forward, backward, stop, and right or left turns. It also has a secret stunt mode that pivots the entire front axle with lighted wheels, turning ROBOCAR into an antic-filled, flipped-out trick master. You never know exactly what it's going to do, which is part of the allure. ROBOCAR is suitable for kids ages 5 and above.

Turn your living room, garage, or...bathtub...into a screaming race course...or demolition derby...with MICRO DRIVERZ - an awesome collection of the world's smallest remote-controlled vehicles that zip, spin and careen across the floor (or water) at astonishing scale speeds.

Racers control MICRO DRIVERZ with pen-shaped transmitters that beam infrared or radio waves at a range up to 25 feet, which also serve as "garages" when vehicles are not in use. Push one button for blinding straightaway acceleration; the other turns the vehicle or boat. The Infrared transmitters also have a built-in pen for making notes in a race diary, with unique caps that double as obstacle cones. Four channels allow up to four different vehicles to compete in the same area.

Kids ages 5 and up can't resist the fun and supreme challenge of HOVER HOCKEY. Flip the switch on the puck's turbofan motor and behold as it hovers about a millimeter above the table. Now nearly frictionless, it can speedily flash across any smooth surface - hopefully straight into the opponent's goal. Any table or non-carpeted smooth floor makes a perfect arena for this addictive game.

The disc's soft rubber bumper protects it from shock and allows it to carom off objects and angle away in new directions. The standard set includes a turbofan puck, two puck strikers, and two cardboard goals. A deluxe version contains two turbofan pucks, four puck strikers, and two white plastic goals.

This is just the tip of the GEOSPACE iceberg. Visit to view the company's full mind-blowing selection toys and games.

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