Aug. 6th, 2009

Top Toys for Posh Tots - Part 2

Magic Cabin Mermaid Beach Wrap and Dragonfly Towel - $35.98-$49.98 each
Magic Cabin's whimsical towels will spur your child's imagination while also keeping her or him cozy and content. The Mermaid Beach Wrap is a top-quality terrycloth towel with enchanting tail fins that that kids will love to get wrapped up in after a bath or afternoon in the pool or ocean. Made of soft, absorbent cotton and available in blue, green or pink, children ages 3-12 can wear this 58" Mermaid Beach Wrap either tied around the waist or shoulders. A 48" long mini version is available with an adorable hood for kids ages 3 and under.

Similarly, Magic Cabin's Dragonfly towel transports children to a fantasy world while they dry off from a bath or swim. Pockets at the wing tips allow kids to slip their hands in and make the large textured fabric Dragonfly draped across the length of the towel seemingly take flight. These towels are also made of an absorbent cotton terry with the addition of an extremely supple velour. Darling antennae complete the look. Magic Cabin's Dragonfly towel is available in blue or pink and measures approximately 48" x 36". (

The First Adventures of Incredible You Book--$32.95
What child wouldn't adore their own personalized storybook that makes him or her the star character? The award-winning The First Adventures of Incredible You book makes this not only possible, but easy!

This beautifully illustrated, full-color, rhyme-based hardcover book has been cleverly designed to accommodate any sex, race, or family structure, and has over 20 places to incorporate details about your child, the family, friends, and traditions and activities that mean the most. Information is entered through a quick and simple online order form. From family members, to a favorite dish and sports team, to the child's favorite beach location and zoo, the story weave's in a string of personalized information that makes it an exciting and endearing read. Vibrant colors and fanciful illustrations perfectly compliment the imaginative storyline. With a dedication page featuring a special message from the gift-giver, The First Adventures of Incredible You is a unique keepsake your child is sure to treasure all of his or her life. (

Eco & Fair Trade Certified Sports Balls - $29.99-$59.99
Now your kids can play sports in an Earth-friendly and humanitarian way! Fair Trade Sports has introduced a line of eco-friendly and certified fair trade sports balls that will satisfy their desire to top-quality equipment while upholding your family's values. The company's eco-certified Fair Trade sports balls are even vegan, and provide a "sweatshop-free" assurance that the adult workers who produced the item received a fair wage and work in suitable conditions. With after-tax profits committed to charities benefitting at-risk children around the globe, Fair Trade Sports is indubitably building a better world - one ball at a time.

I had the opportunity to test a few Fair Trade Sports balls and I'm here to tell you they are extremely constructed with top-quality materials. The size 7 Eco-Basketball adorned with the word "Respect" has a rubber exterior and interior and an all-weather, high-grip surface that makes it handy for year-round play. It is constructed to be the official weight and size to ensure that it conforms to all international ball standards. The rugby ball, also imprinted wit the word "Respect," is similarly made for year-round for training or match play. It has an all-weather premium rubber surface for a sure grip, a latex balance bladder, and also conforms to international standards. The soccer ball also conforms to international play and comes is sizes 4 and 5 to accommodate different age groups. The ball has been hand-sewn by the company's talented adult stitchers using high-quality Austrian PU synthetic shine leather. The ball also has a latex balance bladder that assures great bounce, shape and air retention. (

Cash Cache Beginning Personal Finance Organizer - $21.99
A Silver Winner of the 2004 Parent's Choice Award, the Cash Cache is a beginner personal finance organizer for kids ages 12-16. Intended to teach teens fundamental money management skills, the Cash Cache sets the foundation for a bright financial future. It demystifies the world of banking, investing and credit, while instilling an appreciation for delayed gratification.

Designed in a hip silver ballistic nylon binder with a security padlock, the organizer also features four pouches to organize cash for saving, spending, donating and investing; handy pockets for a calculator, coupons, bank statements and other financial documents; and templates for goal-setting and budgeting. It also includes a 36-page handbook on personal finance basics written for beginners, including sections on the stock market, credit cards, checking and savings accounts and paying taxes. This is a gift any mini mogul is sure to love. (

Money Savvy Pig Bank - $14.99 - 16.99
This 21st Century piggy bank teaches children ages 4-11 the fundamentals of money management. Made of a translucent durable polystyrene plastic, this brilliant bank is divided into four separate chambers - Save, Spend, Donate and Invest - where they can deposit their allowance and monetary gifts. Included with this early-learning personal finance system are goal stickers that help children better understand the value of saving and investing money. The Money Savvy Pig comes in six colors: blue, red, pink, green, purple and a platinum edition, which has a shiny chrome finish. If pigs aren't your kid's thing, there's also a cash cow or football design available. The bank fits all size coins, including dollar and Canadian-size, up to $300 worth. (

Millionaire Kid's Club Series Books - $12.95 each
This set of children's "real world" storybooks for kids ages 4-11 teach important lessons about living and succeeding in society, each ending with a "financially secure ever after." This beautifully illustrated 3-volume book series is co-written by financial literacy expert Susan Beacham and New York Times bestselling author Lynnette Khalfani Cox. Each of the books teach children that money is not merely something to be used for buying pizza and music, but rather should be used for four very important tasks, namely to save, spend, donate or invest.

Volume 1 is Garage Sale Riches follows Isaiah and his three BFFs as they prepare for and execute a daunting garage sale, and then ponder what to do with the earnings. Volume 2 Putting The "Do" In Donate puts $100 in the hands of young Dennis, but with a catch - he must use that money to help someone less fortunate. Volume 3 Home Sweet Home spotlights Stephanie whose family might have to sell their home since her father lost his job. Will they save their house, or will Stephanie have to move out? Purchase a copy to end the suspense. (
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