Aug. 5th, 2010

MLB All-Star Game Mickey Mouse Statues for Sale

Leisure: Who is the leader of the pack of interesting and outright odd luxury collectibles stemming from the 2010 MLB All Star game? Now batting: Mickey Mouse!

These 7.5 feet tall statues of the Mick, in MLB uniforms, are game-used items as seen on TV during the game played in Anaheim, Cal. MLB is auctioning off these statues online.

The tall Mickey Ms weigh in at about 1,000 pounds each, which includes a stand. says that the MLB Micks are available through July 18. The bidding begins at $7,500 per piece.

Just a bit outside. At the time this report was posted, there were no bids on any of the Mickeys. Could this one be heading toward extra innings?
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