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Porsche: Engineered for Magic. Everyday.

Jun. 30th, 2011 | Comments 3 | Make a Comment   
When it comes to luxury cars, we like to think we know a thing or two. And when it comes to luxury sportscars, personally I have always had a soft spot for a supped-up, shiny black Porsche. Perhaps it's the vehicle's signature streamlined silhouette, the sound of its revved up engine, or its truly fascinating heritage. Or maybe, just maybe, it dates back to my childhood celebrity crush on Luke Perry (you know, 90210's bad boy Dylan McKay, who just so happened to drive a drop-top 356 Speedster).

Apparently, there are many more who share this sentiment, so many in fact, that people are quite eager to share their story and personal Porsche experience with the world.

Accommodating its loyal fans, Porsche has launched an interactive campaign called Engineered for Magic. Everyday. Designed as a place for real drivers to connect, the site features real stories submitted by real Porsche owners. What makes the concept so genius is that many of the stories feature personal videos (several of which were shot from the Flip video cameras that Porsche provided to select owners).

Michael from Los Angeles says, "My kids think I moved to Pasadena so the commute would be longer."

Tim from Minnesota shares "Who says Porsche's aren't good cars for the snow? I drive my 996 C2 Cab year-round no matter what the weather. Rain or shine, sun or snow, it's never let me down."

With a Facebook community of more than one million fans, along with support from its dealers, and of course, the Porsche Club of America, the interactive campaign has proved to be a favorite among both real-world and cyber world fans.

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Kevin commented on August 29, 2011

I just retired after 28 years as a master tech primarly on Porsche's. I got the bug @ the age of 12 after seeing the 1973 911 Targa on the turn table @ the S.F. Porsche dealership were I grew up. I bought this exact automobile down to the trim and the color, light ivory!! in 1990 when I found it a week before my 30th birthday. She is entirely O.E., down to the paint. I had to put her away till the last kid left home per an agreement with my now 31 years with my redhead!! I just pulled her out last year, and saiid lets go girl, three cranks later she sprung to life!! After a few restorations of a few systems like front brakes, an alternator and regulator she lives, and does it like a foxy 50 year old, that you'd swear was 28! and yes I drive her daily, no trailer queens for this tech.,wy even bother if all your gonna do is brag, and polish??

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David Gibson commented on August 25, 2011

My wife has a 2010 Vette, an outstanding vehicle dollar for dollar, but she agonizes on how much attention my 2002 Carrara 4S garnishes! It's true, once you own a Porsche you will never look back! It's an amazing sports car which is a thrill to drive---every-time! if you do not own a Porsche, put one in your dreams and look to the day it is fulfilled.

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Ben Caiola III commented on August 17, 2011

I've owned a 911 since I was 35 years old I am now 53 and have had a three 911's ! The3rd was a 4scab... I now own a 2005 GT in an incedible yellow, and recently purchased a new turbo s cab in white with a black interior. This will be my eveyday driver. Do I need to say? Once you have been behind the wheel of a 911 , their is no other automobile that gives you such all around satisfaction. I find Porsche incredibly reliable . I refer to it as Bullet proof .

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