Fisker Hopes to Snatch Partner to Sell Hybrid for Under $40,000

fisker karma

Photo Courtesy of Fisker
According to MSN Autos, California luxury auto brand Fisker is planning on selling a plug-in hybrid for less than $40,000. Their plans are to introduce the car sometime next year and have it potentially ready in less than five years. Fisker is hoping to find a major automaker to help with this project, willing to share their technology and production costs with whoever ends up being their lucky partner.

Having began in 2007, Fisker currently sells their $103,000 Karma, which means that their new venture would be more than half the cost of their luxury sedan on the market now. They've apparently talked with three different automakers in hopes of finding the perfect long-term partnership that could potentially enable them to spread their brand wider than ever before. While more than half of their dealerships are in the U.S., they're just now getting ready to enter in to two new markets which will substantially broaden their reach: the Middle East and China. They should be entering the Middle East this month and China by the end of the year.

Mila Pantovich

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