Nov. 8th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Destroys New Shipment of Fisker Karma Hybrids

fisker karma hybrid
Photo Courtesy of Fisker
Any owner of a luxury car probably has fears of doing their day-to-day driving in style when there are so many opportunities for the custom paint job to get nicked by fellow drivers and wayward shopping carts. While people probably plan for those events, we doubt everyone really plans for natural disasters. The east coast met with much destruction and tragedy when Hurricane Sandy rolled in, and vehicles certainly weren't spared. While a luxury car being ruined is nothing in the face of the hurricane's full impact, it was certainly a bump in the road for Fisker Automotive.

According to Automotive News, over $30 million worth of vehicles were destroyed in Port Newark in New Jersey when Sandy hit. Of the 10,000 autos that were ruined at the port, over 300 of them were Karma plug-in hybrids by Fisker, worth a total of around $100,000. The company was receiving a new shipment at the time, but the cars were luckily insured so the company isn't expecting any impact on their business or financial front. While 300 hybrids is a big loss, Fisker apparently doesn't have any doubt as to their ability to meet the demands of American consumers.
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