HKS Releases Street-Legal GT570 Package for Nissan GT-R

Luxury Cars:HKS was one of the first major tuning houses to work on Nissan's legendary GT-R supercar, developing performance kits and accessories as early as the 1989 R32 model right up to the latest R35 model. While many rival Japanese tuning firms specialise in simple off-the-shelf mods, the engineering that goes into every HKS product is based on experience garnered from more than 35 years of drag racing, road racing, rallying, and top speed trials. As a result, HKS has been synonymous with performance in the automotive aftermarket industry.

The latest package from company is the GT570 racing kit for the GT-R. Already on sale in the U.S. for $5,700 as a race-only conversion, the kit includes 75mm racing extension pipes, new intercooling piping, a reprogrammed ECU, a sequential blow-off valve kit, reinforced actuators, and new spark plugs.

According to HKS' own dyno chart the modified GT-R develops more than 540hp (404kW) Unfortunately, the addition of these components, particularly the exhaust kit, renders the GT-R unlawful against emissions regulations in major markets like the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Thankfully, HKS has thought of this and has developed a new street-legal version of the kit.

The key differences are a new stainless-steel catalytic converter and upgraded turbo wastegate actuators. The updated package will be available for sale later this year and will be priced slightly higher than the racing version. Importantly, it is compatible with both the original 2009 model year GT-R as well as the newer 2010 Series II models.

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