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Electric Cars: Plug in and Lease a Tesla

Mar. 4th, 2010 | Comments 2 | Make a Comment   
Luxury Cars: Tesla Motors is leasing its electric super sports cars for less than $1,700 a month ... and batteries are included. Both the Roadster and the Roadster Sport models are available for immediate delivery with a three-year 30,000-mile contract.

Eco-minded yet high-performance car enthusiasts are in the fast lane as both are dazzling performers with green hearts. Plug either one into a 120- or 240-volt outlet and it goes 236 per charge, according to its EPA range. Zero-pipe emissions and there is a monthly fuel-cost savings of more than $130 when comparing either Tesla to comparable non-electric super sports cars.

When the lease is up, customers either buy the car or pay a fee and walk away.

After math: The real challenge to leasing one is driving only 833 miles per month over a three-year period. Itís electrifying (to say the lease).

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Priciyana Edison commented on June 14, 2011

Its a good thing that every brand is making their electric cars, but I am not agree with them as they are using electric which is also less...

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ayush agrawal commented on March 4, 2010

this car is extremely incredible

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