Russian Supercar "Marussia" Stuns

Luxury Automobiles: The Marussia is Russia's answer to the supercar, creators of the project Nikolay Fomenko and Yefim Ostrovsky believe that innovation and reliability are the key factors of the production under the Marussia trademark.

The uniqueness of the concept is that there are several completely different designs and colors of the vehicle's body that can be fitted onto the sole chassis. Together with the outside appearance, the interior design may be changed as well to match color and shape of the body. Finally, in spite of all changes the character and driving facilities of the car will remain unchanged. So, off-the-shelf product becomes very exclusive vehicles for each individual owner.

In order to come up with the unique designs a competition was held amongst young Russian designers challenging them to create the best possible look for the car. The Marussia is full of high tech gadgets and multimedia options to keep up with the ever rapid changing world we live in. One will find various technologies such as audio, video, Bluetooth, 4G Yota Internet access and VoIP which are provided for both the driver and passenger.

Marussia2 Marussia3 Marussia4 Marussia5

The V6 engine is equipped with a 3.5 liter engine which produces 300bhp, max torque is 330/3600. A racing version of the car, is in the development process, the company states it will be engineered with respect to the contemporary auto racing technologies of today. The total weight of the vehicle is 1100kg, and they claim it will do 0-60 in 5 secs and has a top speed of 250Km/h.

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