Sep. 7th, 2010

See The New Bentley Continental GT Online

Luxury Cars: Drop in to the Crewe factory and see the new Bentley Continental online. You can make your own director's cut version, as viewers can select up to six camera angles to take in the British automaker's newest Continental GT.

While it takes a moment to get to the live sequence at the factory, it is worth the wait. The Visualizer component of the tour enables visitors to see the Continental in 14 colors as well as various interior and wheel-design options.

Bentley Motors recently announced that it had sold more more than 22,000 Continental GT models since debuting in 2003. Bentley is confident that the launch of its supercar model, the Supersports, will keep the firm's sales in top gear.

The online tour is live and available 24/7 September 7-14. Visit as often as you like at

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