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Cruising Web Sites of Yacht Charter Firms

Posted: Nov. 1st, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Yacht Charters: The Internet is among the prime sources that affluent consumers use to research the quality of luxury products and services prior to making a buying decision. Even if a purchase is made in person, the intelligence-gathering process usually begins on the Internet. The National Association of Realtors reported that at least 70-percent of properties purchased are first researched on the Web.

Here are a few companies that specialize in chartering yachts. We looked at their Web sites to determine if their sites are informative, entertaining, easy to operate, and user-friendly. What follows is a review of the Web sites of some of our favorite private yacht-chartering companies.

We feel that a little lauding and prodding among friends is a good thing. It is a proactive way to promote improvement.

Seven Seas Yacht Charters

Seven Seas Yacht Charters easily lives up to the built-in proclamation of its nomenclature. The seaworthy firm offers yacht excursions worldwide in mono-hull sailboats, powered catamarans or motor yachts that lavishly accommodate as few as two or ten or more guests. SSYC obtains appropriate vessels for trips involving any of the seven seas for seven-, 14-, or 21-day charters. Itineraries are available that touch the Arctic, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Chartering services range from full-crew or captain-only to bareboat plans. For smooth sailing on rates, availability of yachts and destinations, visit the informative Web site of Seven Seas Yacht Charters.

The Net Effect

Seven Sea's Yacht Charter obviously is soliciting a high-end luxury service. A clear and concise history of the company is presented, as well as complete contact info, including a physical address and phone numbers. Additionally, the company links to organizations, such as the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, and the Charter Yacht Brokers Association, that substantiate its credibility in the industry. Albeit there are no videos and the site's visual appeal is moderate at best, determining everything the firm does is simple and straight forward.

SSYC's yachtsman Tim Nelson assisted us greatly with the article Luxury Yacht Charters 101. He is a good sailor!

Valef Yachts

By land or by sea, the Greek Islands offer a stunning retreat replete with archaeological depth and modern-day cosmopolitan decadence mixed with scenic sites and incredible weather. The Greek Islands are a patchwork of diverse cultures dotting the seas of the Ionian and Aegean, respectively. Valef Yachts makes visiting the Greek Islands a most memorable experience with its fully crewed luxury yacht charters and seven-day luxury cruises. Select from more than 400 sailing and motor yachts. Over 4,000 islands are scattered, from west to east, over the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea.

The Net Effect

Valef Yachts provides a lot of helpful info on its Web site. There is complete contact information, as well as a history on the company. There are individual sections for available cruises, yachts, and itineraries. The Chartering section of the Web site has an outline of pricing details and making payment arrangements. A video is available, and additional links to related-services are offered. Overall, the Web site scores high marks on being enlightening and educational.

Inter Yacht Charter

Inter Yacht Charter has over 1,300 yachts, ranging from 38 feet to over 400 feet. The firm's goal is to provide the largest accessible network of yacht charters available. Inter Yacht Charter can accommodate bareboat, crewed, luxury, or corporate yacht charters proficiently. From catamarans to mega yachts to three-day getaways to global-spanning extravaganzas, IYC handles every detail of clients' journeys meticulously. It is all about being an exemplary service provider. Whether it is a question on sailing or the mores of a country or its people, all of the personnel affiliated with IYC are deftly experienced at doing their job and happy to help.

The Net Effect

IYC's Web site has a very informative FAQ section that offers extensive information on how to prepare for such a vacation. Another very impressive feature of Inter Yacht Charter's Web site is the world map, which depicts all the destinations available for charters. There is complete contact information, testimonials and company history; it is very educational. We wish there were more pictures and videos, as a little flash could go a long way in attracting more visitors. There is so much text that the Web site might not receive as much attention as it deserves.

Bareboats BVI

If there is a desire to be a real yachtsman instead of a piña colada-sipping passenger, Bareboats BVI can make school cool with a Caribbean-cruise package that offers certified courses approved by the American Sailing Association (ASA). The only difference between an "educational" and a leisure charter is that the captain of the boat is also an ASA-certified instructor. To become fully certified as a bareboat yachtsman, a sailing yacht should be chartered for a minimum of 10 to 12 days. Complete certification requires the completion of three courses: the ASA Basic Keelboat standard course, the ASA Basic Coastal Cruising standard course, and the ASA Bareboat Chartering standard course. Bareboats BVI has numerous destinations and a fleet of sailing and motor yachts throughout the Caribbean Islands.

The Net Effect

This is another Web site with plenty of text, very few obvious pictures, and no videos. However, the content is quite informative, and there are plenty of pictures to be found on the site. (Hint: Visit the Site Map.) The contact info is sufficient, as BVI can be contacted either online or by phone. The company also is a member of the British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce, and it does teach ASA-certified courses. The Information section offers great supplemental information on how to make such an expedition better.

Written by the staff writers of JustLuxe

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