The Sharp Angles and Cutting-Edge Look of Quartz Yacht

Photos Courtesy of De Basto Designs
We love hearing about new luxury yacht concepts because taking a look at a fresh design, not yet even physically realized, is exciting to us boaters. Through the use of curved glass, Luiz De Basto has gotten our attention with his newest concept design, Quartz. This 180-foot yacht has an upper deck that looks to be completely encased in glass, which apparently made him think of the clarity of quartz — hence the name.

By enclosing the upper deck in glass, De Basto is enabling the future owner a connection with nature not found in other traditional yachts. “I was interested in exploring the relationship between the hull and superstructure and avoid the generic look we see in so many yachts today,” says De Basto. “To me, yacht design is never a matter of style, it’s a matter of architecture and technology working together seamlessly, achieving the type of results we can appreciate on a samurai sword or an iPhone.”
According to Mega Yacht News, the high-performance glass, which is used in skyscrapers, is treated to limit glare and UV rays. De Basto wanted to create floor-to-ceiling double panel windows, much like you see in luxury homes, which will be dimmable in some areas and give enough space in-between for venetian blinds to be lowered if need be. The treated glass should reduce the sun's heat by at least 65 percent, if not more, which translates into lower power and fuel consumption due to the reduced need for air conditioner.
Another great feature is that the glass around the deck can be slid open, transforming the area into a balcony-like platform. The forward-most part of the deck features an attractive front panel that sweeps down at a sharp angle that would be much too low for people to stand under, which is why De Basto put the helm console under it. Glass can also be found in the master suite and in handrail form along the stairways inside.
If looking isn't enough and you want to actually take a dip in the sea, De Basto designed fold-down panels along the aft deck that can be lowered once anchored. The panels have three different uses, as steps leading from the main deck, a swim platform, and to make a beach club. A projected finish date hasn't been released but we wouldn't be surprised if people are already lining up to buy Quartz.

”On a final note,” Luiz says. “It's of course possible to apply this design and its features to a smaller or larger size."

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