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Sylvester Stallone Rules the Seas in St. Bart's Aboard $215M Megayacht

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Sylvester Stallone Rules the Seas in St. Bart's Aboard $215 Mil
Photos Courtesy of Cakewalk Official

Sylvester Stallone was one of the many A-listers making the scene in St. Bart’s over the holidays, and while there were many yachts afloat in the azure waters off the illustrious island, Sly was holding court on the biggest of all — the posh Cakewalk owned by Denver-based investor Charles Gallagher. At 281 feet, it's the largest luxury yacht built in the U.S. since J.P. Morgan's Corsair IV in the 1930s and the biggest ever by volume. Gallagher has had the yacht listed for sale at about $215M. Stallone, his wife and daughters joined producer Mike Medavoy aboard the floating palace, which has an awe-inspiring six decks.

Sylvester Stallone Rules the Seas in St. Bart's Aboard

Located on the main deck, the elegant owner's suite has impressive forward views and includes a spa, lounge, theater and gym. A recessed dining salon with seating for 16 is decorated with hand-painted ceilings, while exotic woods are incorporated throughout the stately craft. There is also a game room located on the bridge deck, and above that the sun deck features a bar, loungers, sunshades and a whirlpool spa.

Sylvester Stallone Rules the Seas in St. Bart's Aboard

Other yachts cruising in St. Bart’s included Aussie billionaire James Packer’s $50 million, 170-foot Seahorse (where director Brett Ratner and producer Brian Grazer held court); Mike Ovitz’s superyacht, where the mogul made time with girlfriend Tamara Mellon; and the Seabourn Spirit that was chartered by Guess Jeans tycoon Maurice Marciano for his birthday bash.

Sylvester Stallone Rules the Seas in St. Bart's Aboard
Sylvester Stallone Rules the Seas in St. Bart's Aboard
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7 Comments on this Article

Christopher commented on April 7, 2014

and the lines read: But I, with mournful tread, Walk the deck my Captain lies, Fallen cold and dead.

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Christopher commented on April 7, 2014

The prisoner rise, straw rustles 'round him, Poor slave he rises, shell of a man, Has coffee only, has nothing more Because today's bread ate he yesterday Our thoughts so somber, our hearts so mournful, The time so hopeless, so full of dread Of fires burning, the iron furnace, That while alive our spirit's flames burns out While the perpetrators sip their wine at the local hotel, the line in the sand crossed many times, the "costs" to Vladimir more in his coffers and the Chinese buying gold to eventually rid itself of trillions in greenback it holds as it supports its yuan with gold and such outlandish and unnecessary toys and self-serving ego and mannerisms emerge in the valueless society we have become, willing to forego the Constitution, willing to compromise our Judeo-Christian principles as the decline of America sails forward and divisiveness, the Rights of man are stomped on and we see an emerging Germany who will eventually address the "Brutes of Tehran" and the "KGB Putinites" as I refer to these thugs and such audacious display as portrayed by such ostentatious charity by such a boat truly represents what is wrong with America and failing to understand what is really important in Life and acknowledging the "Season's of a Man's Life" well, the cakewalk and its owner will eventually take a serious look at the real world and use such monies in a conservative manner and in parallel reach out and help a starving America, so thirsty for leadership attributes not found in the color of one's skin and the divisiveness and narrow perspective in empty political rhetoric we hear, but from the likes of a strong individual, not Ms. Hillary or her boss who see the phone ringing, but choose to frown and look the other way, but to find an individual who truly cares and as with Germany soon, Karl Guttenberg will fill the void of such a weakened America led by a half white man who has imposed his values on an America who has felt best through charity towards others... The boxer mentality of this American "boat owner" will eventually realize that such as Life evolves that such - intrepid wanderings - in Life are - boatatious - at best and Life's realities require less selfie and more shared spirit in demanding accountability and transparency among those we have cast our precious vote "entrusting" another - no matter the color of a skin that Life requires as our Democracy a strong arsenal, whether through education or weapons to assure less self-aggrandizing, a path as we see which will eventually lead to our demise, unnecessary for another to lift its hand towards us for same purpose -- As Samuel Adams said ion (1775): no People will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can they be easily subdued, when knowledge is wide spread and Virtue is preserved. on the Contrary, when people are unwisely ignorant, and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without aid of foreign invaders" - As for our beloved Republic and seeing such a - boatatious depiction - of reality as 1939 again revisits us with few attentive to the warnings so engrossed by their I-phone, soon, you, too will understand Walt Whitman's last lines which will best describe America led by such a trivial and ignorant and selfie Chicago-Hollywood-Washington 21st century charade with legends and men with focus and understanding of Life's real meaning such as John Williams, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo who are diligent in their commitment to profession and need less than more.... God Bless us all!

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DiamondBill commented on February 19, 2014

Bowling alley, that is so Nouveau riche

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Victoria commented on February 7, 2014

Saw Cakewalk at the Antibes Yacht Show a couple of years ago and she's been my favourite yacht ever since. If I ever won the lottery, it would definitely be the superyacht I'd charter!

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irkulyen commented on February 6, 2014

Blow it up.

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Tourist commented on February 6, 2014

What? No bowling alley? Kinda chintzy.

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amanat commented on January 29, 2014

i like that, i well b thanks full to you

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