Mar. 6th, 2014

Joyboat is an Electric Day Cruiser You Can Drive With a Joystick

small boat Joyboat   SKY-YACHT
Photos Courtesy of SKY-YACHT

Great for ponds, lakes and still-water ocean bays, the Joyboat from SKY-YACHT is a 14-foot personal vessel that can seat up to six people for a day of enjoying the water. The simple layout looks more like a plush lounge than it does a boat, and we love the peaceful jaunts the pictures seem to promise. Thanks to the innovative electric dual-motor, the Joyboat is apparently whisper quiet, which allows you to enjoy the day listening to the lapping waters.

small boat Joyboat   SKY-YACHT

Easily controlled through a joystick interface, this personal-use boat has two yacht fitting options available: Prestige and Standard. Both come with charging modules, battery sets, upholstered mattresses with headrests, swim ladder, railing, and anti-skid decks. The Standard version's dual engines weigh in at 55 pounds, while the Prestige offers a 24V 80-pound setup. Likewise, the Prestige offers touchscreen multimedia control at 7- or 10-inches, autopilot, remote steering, Bluetooth audio module, and GPS. Additional fittings available include a boat trailer, yacht cover, a Bimini top to give some shade on hot days, and a small table for some socializing, game-playing and on-the-water picnicking.

small boat Joyboat   SKY-YACHT

The Joyboat was designed to thoroughly minimize water resistance, which in turn offers a powered sail time of around eight hours. This means that those content with drifting aimlessly could easily enjoy the sun and water for a full 12 or 16 hours. And, by utilizing those dual-electric motors, any time spent navigating is both relaxing and free from harsh exhaust fumes that plague so many small vessels.

The Joyboat starts at around $9,400 and seems like a great choice for anyone looking for something a little easier than their huge luxury yacht

small boat Joyboat   SKY-YACHT
small boat Joyboat   SKY-YACHT
small boat Joyboat   SKY-YACHT
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