Gaze Down at Ocean Wildlife Through Picchio Boat's Glass Floors

Picchio Boat catamaran

Photos Courtesy of Christian Grande DesignWorks

Even though concept yachts aren't quite a reality yet (though some never make it), we love them just the same. It's exciting to see what companies and designers are dreaming up, and even more exciting when the project is actually slated for construction. The Picchio Boat is scheduled for a 2015 release date and trust us, you're going to want one. Why? Two words: Glass floor. 

Picchio Boat catamaran

Created by yacht designer Christian Grande, the luxury catamaran is meant to incorporate family life and encourage one to enjoy the little things — like the peacefulness of travel. The exterior celebrates "the rhythms of the natural world, adapting to them the times of navigation and life on board." Mother Nature's influence can definitely be seen in the wood decking, which curves and bends to give the deckhouse a fluid appearance. There are two vertical gardens framing the external living area, one even has a hammock, while a lounge area and sunbathing mattress can be found on the forward balcony. 

Picchio Boat catamaran

The interiors look more like a luxury hotel than a yacht and at nearly 69 feet long, there's apparently tons of room for customization. The main deck is probably where you'd be spending most of your time. It has a salon bar, dining area, salon deck, and most importantly, an underwater observation glass platform that lets you gaze down at the ocean wildlife — at night there's even underwater spotlights. The glass floor comes into play again in the Owner's Stateroom, where it surrounds the bed.

On the lower deck is where you find the two guest cabins, two crew cabins, and the VIP cabin.

Picchio Boat catamaranPicchio Boat catamaranPicchio Boat catamaranPicchio Boat catamaranPicchio Boat catamaranPicchio Boat catamaranPicchio Boat catamaran

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