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Tranquility: A Closer Look at $100 Million Home

Posted: Sep. 30th, 2008  |  By James Rothaar Freelance Writer |
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Luxury Real Estate: While money cannot buy love, at least, that is, according to the lyrical prose of the early 1960s Beatles, Tranquility is currently on the market for $100 million. Tranquility is a spectacular estate located in Lake Tahoe, Nev., that may come as close as it gets to owning your own private planet. This is an absolutely amazing property that is aptly named.

The property is one of five properties currently on the real estate marketplace with a selling price of $100 million. Since each of these ultra luxury properties are so uniquely breathtaking, it piqued our interest when the opportunity to speak with Shari Chase of Chase International, the owner and exclusive representative of Tranquility came upon us. It was our lucky day!

JustLuxe (JL): Is living in Lake Tahoe, Nev., really as tranquil as it appears, Shari?

Shari Chase (SC): We call Lake Tahoe paradise, as it provides food for one's soul and rejuvenates one's spirit.

JL: How did this wondrous property become formally named Tranquility?

SC: The moment you step onto the property a feeling of peacefulness and a connection to nature, and all that is sacred, fills your heart.

JL: In just reviewing a few of the features of Tranquility, it is a world apart for an artist and an outdoor sportsman, a nature lover, or just about anyone on the planet with a modicum of common sense! There is an elaborate artist's studio, numerous horseback riding trails, panoramic views galore, and a brown-trout filled lake. There is even a tunnel that connects the main house to the conservatory. Was Tranquility always this tranquil -- or ideal? Could you give us a brief history on the property?

SC: The owners wanted to find a property that was very private and undeveloped, and in Nevada for tax purposes. It is not an easy task, as Lake Tahoe has over 95 percent of the land that is under the protection of the U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management. This property was a rare find, in 1995, with over 210 acres. It was a perfect fit for the owners to create their vision. It took five years to complete the entire project. In 2000, Tranquility was ready for family and friends.

JL: Why would anyone ever wish to leave Tranquility? Is proximity an issue?

SC: No one wants to leave Tranquility. Once you arrive, you are compelled to stay.

JL: What was involved in the decision-making process that led to putting the property on the market at $100 million?

SC: Tranquility is truly undervalued at $100 million. This is the largest private land holding with a private lake at Lake Tahoe. The sumptuous furnishings, the art and the artifacts along with the attention to every detail, with no expense spared, create a harmonious blend with Mother Nature. This could only be accomplished with a love for the land and radiance of heart and soul.

JL: Is presenting a property of this nature completely different than presenting other luxury properties, such as those selling at around $96 million or so less than Tranquility? How would you describe those -- generally speaking?

SC: The way in which a property is presented differs for each property. Each property has its own DNA or energy and requires a well thought out strategy regardless of price. Tranquility is the finest property on the planet. One could ask $150 million and be in the realm of reality. Without question, this is an opportunity for someone who loves Lake Tahoe and loves the best of everything. There are no other luxury properties to compare.

JL: Tranquility has been on the market for more than two years now. Could it reach a point where a price reduction may be considered?

SC: No, not at all. All of a sudden, a new owner will appear. One who will honor the land and all it offers. Two years is a short period of time for a home of this stature -- with the likelihood that it will be a fourth or fifth home for someone. In 1998, when I sold the highest priced sale in the U. S. at $50 million, it took five years from beginning to end.

JL: Do you think there will be other single-family estates or residences put on the market for $100 million or more in the foreseeable future?

SC: There very well could be.

JL: Where does one reside next after living in Tranquility?

SC: Now, that's a great question. My suggestion is anywhere where you have family and those you love.

JL: Here is one -- for which I was paid handsomely to ask by several colleagues of mine in the real estate industry. How did Chase International obtain this listing?

SC: We are the best!

JL: I am sold. Thank you for being so gracious, Shari.

For more information, please visit Shari at www.ChaseInternational.com, or check out www.ChaseNation.com.

For LxM James Rothaar
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