Modern Design Meets Nature at Andres Remy Architect's Devoto House

Devoto House Pool

Photo Courtesy of Andres Remy Architects
Andres Remy Architect's Devoto House in Devoto, Argentina may have taken some critical thinking on the part of the architects to design and execute, but the result is an astounding urban dwelling.

Located between existing structures, the Andres Remy Architects team was commissioned by a young family to build a home that would offer views and a feeling of the natural world in an urban environment. The design team managed to subvert the traditional feeling of urban living with a smartly designed, modern house that required a lot of imagination.

To get the idea of being in nature, the Devoto house incorporates a lot of grass in the garden space. The home is actually larger than the lot it is on. To create this feat, the first floor is smaller than the second floor, which opens up and offers views of the house and gardens, rather than the traditional cityscape view.

The most interesting part of the cleverly designed house is the pool. The team first placed the pool in the garden area, but it was too cool and shaded by trees. The pool was then moved further out on the property, but it was then overtaken by the shadow of a security gate. To solve the problem and offer the family a pool that could also be used as part of the view, the pool was transformed to above-ground, creating an elegant aquarium-like effect that can be seen from the entire house.

Using a glass wall and the slopes of the property, the pool is made a focal point that centers the house and makes it at once urban and very natural-looking. The Devoto house is a prime example of Andres Remy's ability to push architectural convention and create a unique space. Visit to see more.

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