Offset Home Brings Uniqueness to Average Toronto Neighborhood

luxury home

Photo Courtesy of JA Architecture Studio
Living in a luxury home that is unique and different can be pretty important when it comes to setting yourself a part from the herd. Many people scramble to hire the best architect firms to design them the perfect home, featuring everything they didn't even know they wanted. After you've seen the home JA Architecture Studio designed, in part with A.R.T. Design Build, you're probably going to want to save their number.

Found in Toronto, Canada, the strange and box-like home is nestled between two average buildings, which help to make it stand out even more. The two-story residence is split into two offset parts, which look like Tetris blocks from the street, and the two living spaces are joined by a narrow staircase that runs through the center of the structure. The house is also built in a way that allows in plenty of natural light. According to Design Boom, due to the design and the way the main floor is uneven with the second, light is able to filter in the first floor from above, which is rare. The entire home takes on different moods and feelings according to the time of day, what type of light filters through, and where that light touches.

Mila Pantovich

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