2012 Ariel Atom Convertible for sale in Tamp Bay, FL

Ready to turn heads as you cruise the strip or rip through the canyons of Southern California? This 2012 Ariel Atom Convertible is sure get you noticed. This street legal, super powerful and ultra light track car delivers all of the thrill of an Indy Car at a fraction of the cost. Providing power for the Atom 500 V8 is a 3.0-liter eight-cylinder motor with a stratospheric redline of 10,500 rpm. This alloy and aluminum power plant features dry sump lubrication and eight throttle bodies to allow the driver to quickly summon the car's full 500 horsepower might. The benchmark zero-to-60 mph sprint is achieved in under three seconds. PRICE: $74,995

  • VAT Excluded
  • MILEAGE 539
  • GEARBOX 6 Speed Manual
  • FUEL TYPE Petrol
  • COLOR Red