Barrett Alley: SMUGGLERíS BELT

Even though you canít use it to pay for drinks or peanuts on an airplane, cash is king. Thereís nothing worse than drunkenly getting into cab with your home address written on your hand and trying to pay for the trip home with a credit card. If the cabbie is even willing to take plastic, somethingís going to get screwed up. Youíre going to get charged twice, forget your card and/or wallet, tip way too much, the list goes on. When you need that last little bit of cash you donít trust yourself to keep in your wallet, thereís the Barrett Alley Smugglerís Belt. The tiny hidden compartment on the belt stays closed while youíre wearing it and is handmade with US vegetable tanned cowhide and a hand-forged buckle. Barrett Alley is so confident in the construction that itís also guaranteed for life. Plus, secret compartment. Everyone loves secret compartments.


Price: $245