Fitness Queens: Nike Studio Wrap Shoes

The Nike Studio Wrap†is a 3 piece shoe set featuring an†open toe foot wrap, ankle ribbon, and easy-on ballet flat.†The†stretchy, breathable foot wrapgives the freedom and comfort of going†barefoot†while providing the much needed†traction†during exercise. For added†arch and ankle support, you can tie on the ankle ribbon which is easily adjustable. Not only will it provide better†stability†for your movements but it will also make you†look like a kick-ass ninja warrior.The combo of the two items has been used by women all over for anything from yoga and pilates, to jazz, ballet, and even kickboxing!

When your work out is over and youíre ready to head out, slip on the comfy matching†flats. These flats, which can be worn with the wrap or alone, are perfect for getting you from†studio to street-ready in under 5 seconds.†Youíll never have to worry about being the last one out the door anymore, or putting away your sweaty socks.

Price: $110