Buckle Puffer Belt

After a long, hard day at the office every one needs to relax. Some people do it with alcohol, or hugs, or three metric tons of sushi (true story). Others choose to enjoy tobacco (but really, ďtobaccoĒ) out of a pipe. While itís frowned upon in most municipalities to walk around in public sucking down Heinekens like you did in college, alcohol still doesnít get quite as bad a rap as anything out of a pipe. If you do decide to throw caution to the wind and carry one around anyway itís a pain in the ass. Buckle Puffer is the solution. The buckle you see contains a double barreled pipe that magnetically attaches to the housing in the belt. Itís machined and cut from a solid block of 6061 Aluminum and then nickel-plated for strength and looks. Most importantly: no odor emission because of itís glove-like fit, and itís safe for boiling. Bonus points because itís attached to a belt that looks pretty damn good too.

Price: $85
Via: Indiegogo.com