Audiophile: VPI HR-X Turntable

VPI pulled out all the stops to create their reference turntable, the VPI HR-X. With a sense of speed and dynamic shading that other turntables simply cannot achieve, the HRX is explosively dynamic, supremely musical, incredibly accurate and infinitely adjustable… everything to satisfy any analog lover.

The VPI HR-X's triple layered X-shaped plinth has a gorgeous, glossy black finish with aluminum accents, an air bearing suspension, an ingenious motor & flywheel combo and equipped with VPI's best tonearm, the JMW-12.7.  The best part is, the HR-X only takes up 25” x 19” of space.

Every aspect of the VPI HR-X has been optimized for maximum performance. The acrylic platter is cut to tolerances within five thousandths of an inch and sits on an inverted bearing for lower noise and lower rotational inertia. The JMW 12.7 tonearm is mounted directly to the HR-X plinth for exceptional rigidity. The new HR-X drive system consists of two ultra-low powered motors on either side of a seven pound, center mounted flywheel which spins at 500 RPM. The included Outer Ring Clamp works like a vacuum to hold down the outside edge of the record. The SDS speed controller delivers absolute speed accuracy.

Please allow three weeks to one month for delivery.

Price: $15,000