Eco Friendly Super Stylish: Jetson Electric Bike
The first affordable, eco friendly, super stylish electric bike. Safer than a Vespa and without the need for a traditional license or registration, Jetson is a no hassle, environmentally friendly transportation choice for city or country life.

Lock & Key Storage Compartment (Additional Option)
Excellent for additional storage, the Lock & Key Storage Component attaches right to your new Jetson Bike!  Great for every day errands, small groceries, and other quick pick-me-up items.

Bike Cover (Additional Option)
Keep your Jetson Bike clean and out of the weather with this great Bike Cover.

3 Year Warranty Coverage Policy (Additional Option)
This covers all accidentals and damages (excluding the battery), and covers the frame, motor, charger, and LCD screen. All parts are shipped free of charge.

Price: $1,800