The Frame For A Small Piece Of Eternity by Polaboy

Who among us hasn´t experienced the unique feeling of holding a Polaroid in their hand and watching the image gradually emerge? Remember the shiny photo paper, the smell of the developing chemicals, and the 90 seconds of anticipation waiting for the instant image to develop? All photographs reflect a desire to capture that one special moment forever – and none more so than Polaroids.

A few years ago, Polaroid photographs began experiencing a kind of renaissance, as people started to take an interest in “retrography”. This fascination stems from a deep yearning for solid, deep-rooted values, warmth and feelings, and the imperfect, real and familiar. It is no surprise that this longing for authenticity and permanence has emerged at a time of rapidly accelerating change, when digital images are all around us.

Tradition is the foundation on which the polaboy® is based, combined with cutting-edge LED technology and enduring product design.

A polaboy® lets you capture personal moments that have passed irrevocably, immortalizing the ephemeral in timeless design. Snapshots become works of art to be cherished.

Polaboy® is made of aluminium and steel plate, powder-coated in white, and has a viewing window made of acrylic glass.

Thickness 1.9cm, energy-saving LED area light (life cycle of 50,000h), 12 volts, 1,180 – 4,750 lumens (depending on format and size), input voltage 100 – 240.

polaboy® has three cable outlets. Two cable outlets at the lower end and one cable outlet on the back. The superior-quality, 3-meter fabric-covered cable comes with an Euro style mains connector with on/off rocker switch.

If the provided European style mains connector does not fit the available power socket, a standard power adapter from a local hardware supply store can be obtained.

Polaboy® is made in Germany


The Frame For A Small Piece Of Eternity 

Dimensions: Medium

Frame - 82.6 H x 68 W (cm)

Photo- 62.6 H x 61 W (cm)

Order includes:

Polaboy Frame and Photo

Large format slide in-case and transparent protective cover

Power cable with plug connector (EU Plug)

Pen, Instructions, and gloves

Price: $1,250