Braun Prestige BN0106 Watch

Braun may be best known in the USA for their electric razors and household goods, but the Prestige BN0106 is going to drive a lot of attention to their great line of watches. The BN0106 uses a flat digital face to display the time and date in large LCD characters. The smooth black watch face and black band exude a feeling of strength and sophistication.

You can choose between a black stainless steel band or a solid black rubber watch band. The watch is priced at $800 with the stainless steel band, or $750 for the black rubber. The watch is controlled by a small rotary wheel located conveniently on the edge of the watch, without protruding from the side. Braun uses K1 hardened glass for the face to make sure it resists scratches and normal wear and tear. This is a fantastic looking watch for a reasonable cost from a company that stands behind their products.

Price: $800