Knight XV, The Zombie Apocalypse Truck

You just thought Zombies and the Walking Dead were fiction. It is time to get ready for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse while you still have time. The first order of business is to get a truck that is zombie proof and can drive over a pile of zombie traps with zero effort. Conquest Vehicles has created the perfect Zombie squashing vehicle, but they use the simple name Knight XV.

The Knight XV is a serious piece of driving machinery. When you park one of these behemoths next to a Hummer H2, the H2 looks like a toy. The Knight XV is a handcrafted, armor clad, ready for action machine. The XV has a 6.8L V-10 engine to give this huge vehicle the ability to make a fast getaway when the Zombies are closing in.

Just because you are skipping away from a team of determined Zombies does not mean you need to suffer. The Knight XV has lots of room, plush carpets, leather bucket seats, a top-notch stereo system, coolers, and more. Maybe those Zombies are just jealous and want a ride, but don’t take any risks. Keep those ballistic proof windows rolled up and keep scooting down the road. Keep in mind, only 100 survivors are going to own one of these trucks, so place your order now.

Price: $TBD