Dyson's New DC50 Vacuum Rids Homes of Pesky Pet Hair

If you are as obsessed with having a clean house as much we are, but just can’t seem to keep it clean with all of the pet hair, we are about to let you in on a little secret. Dyson has just introduced the new DC50 animal vacuum that is designed to give your house a powerful clean. The best part about this compact vacuum is that it comes with all of the performance of a full-sized upright. The unit has Dyson’s most advanced cleaner head with carbon fiber brush technology so our hardwood floors received a deeper, more thorough cleaning. The new two tier radial cyclone technology is designed to clean up microscopic dust, leaving our floors looking like brand new.

As for maneuverability, the vacuum is mounted on a ball so you can easily steer it (although this takes a little getting used to) behind a chair or under a table. With allergies now acting up no matter the month of year or season, we are constantly cleaning under the beds and behind furniture to be sure all of the dust and dog hair has been collected. The DC50 vacuum has a direct drive motor that sits inside the brush bar, lowering the cleaner head profile, and the self-adjusting base plate adapts to the floor surface to provide constant suction no matter the floor type. Whether you have carpet or hardwoods, the carbon fiber brush bar technology of the DC50 will leave your home looking like new. The best part of all? The DC50 only weighs 11.6 pounds.


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