Need To Keep Dry? This Alexander McQueen Umbrella Is Subtle But Awesome

I’ll be the first to confess as much as I love the chilly cold and holiday traditions of winter (not to mention the clothes) the season as a whole—pretty much sucks. It’s freezing, dark and wet. And growing up in Southern California means two things: one, I can’t drive in the rain and two, for the few weeks it does rain in this generally perfect climate I find myself without an umbrella. For the rest of the world, umbrellas are a winter staple—unless of course you’re more of the “singing in the rain” kind of guy. For men, the black umbrella is simple, understated—and let’s face it, a little boring. I get that you don’t want to rock a bright blue umbrella with clouds down Fifth Avenue, but Alexander McQueen has a way for you to accessorize (yes guys, it’s an accessory) with classic black and still have a little fun. Their foldable skull umbrella gives you all the professional sleekness of the traditional basics, but with a silver finish brass skull handle. While it looks edgy and dark, it’s not too large, so you can be stylish without overstating what a badass you are.


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