Charlotte Olympia's New Faster Collection Fashionably Channels the Monaco Grand Prix

Sure, sports cars and racing motorways can seem like a total boy’s club, especially at a big event like the Monaco Grand Prix, but there’s a way for ladies to enjoy the race without feeling like they have to be one of the guys. One of our favorite accessory designers, Charlotte Olympia, created a limited-edition line “inspired by vintage sports cars and the glamour of race day in Monte Carlo.” The Faster collection features shoes and handbags all designed with automotive accents and racing motifs. Some of our favorite pieces are the Tyre clutch, made to look like a mini tire on a chain, and the podium heels with gold trophy cups accenting the front. Style them together and you’ll look like you were made for the tracks—or at the very least enjoy the race more than the next girl.

€595-€1,095 ($812-$1,495)

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