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Is Australia the New Land of Opportunity for Luxury Markets?

Australia is now a $1.07 billion AUD luxury market with the ninth highest concentration of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) in the world. When it comes to luxury, Australia is a promising nation. Wealth is growing steadily at the hands of a...
By: Sophie Dorancomments 0 | 2013

In Case of Apocalypse: $20K RV Spot in Doomsday Resort Bunker

By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2013
If history is anything to go by, the next doomsday is right around the corner. Maybe it will be that comet expected to skim our sun's surface November 28, or when robots take over the world ? la Robopocalypse in 2030, or maybe the end really will be zombies. Whatever you believe (if any), $20K will reserve you a spot in, what's thought to be, the world's largest subterranean doomsday bunker resort in Kansas — are there bunkers competing in size nowadays?

According to ABC News, construction for the two million-square-foot bunker is in process in Atchison, where you'll be able to stow away with your family in your luxury RV come doomsday. Sorry, the $20K fee doesn't include the cost of food so you better prepare for that too. Set 130-feet below ground level — and sealed with two-foot-thick steel and cement doors — the man building it, Robert Vicino, is calling the subterranean resort (which has room for 1,500 RVs) an "underground cruise ship." He even has plans to open it prior to the apocalypse so people can experience the amenities without fearing for their lives — nothing says safe like an underground wine bar and spa.

Regal Wings Makes Inc. Magazine's Annual 500|5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies

Brooklyn-based Regal Wings, which specializes in affordable business and first class air travel, made Inc. Magazine's 32nd annual 500|5000 list — which tracks the fastest growing companies in the nation. The corporate-travel company snagged first...
By: James Rothaarcomments 0 | 2013

What The Latest Market Research Says About Generational Luxury Buyers

girl shopping
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2013
Two recent market research reports have provided some fascinating insights into the attitudes and buying preferences of three age and income-related demographics — the Millennials, the Gen-Xers and the Boomers. Both studies have been published...

Interview With Gary Marlon Suson, Official Ground Zero Photographer of FDNY

By: James Rothaarcomments 0 | 2011
Since writing articles is my everyday job, I have a procedure that enables me to do it rather effectively and efficiently. Find a topic; craft a headline; jot down some notes; formulate an opening; and then mete out enough words to reach the bottom...

Robert Downey Jr. and Angelina Jolie Top Hollywood's Highest Paid

highest paid celebrities
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2013
2013 was full of Hollywood blockbusters that earned millions at the box office, making some of our favorite actors and actresses pretty big paychecks. According to a recent list from Forbes, Robert Downey Jr. tops the bank, earning $75M this year for The Avengers. While Tony Stark wasn't the main character in the film by any means, Downey Jr. was the only actor in the film that couldn't be replaced if negotiations not worked out, meaning he pretty much got to demand however much money he wanted. The biggest money-making actress is Angelina Jolie with $33M for Maleficent. She may have dropped from the spotlight a little due to getting a double mastectomy, but Jolie proves that she's still one of the world's biggest stars. It's also interesting to note the big difference between the top actor and top actress earnings. Read into it what you will.

Channing Tatum follows Downey Jr., with $60M for Magic Mike and Jennifer Lawrence is after Jolie, earning $26M for the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.

New Global Travel Intentions & Emerging Travel Trends: The New VISA Research Study

flying plane A new study dealing with global travel intentions and new consumer travel trends was published last week. It was commissioned by VISA, Inc. and Millward Brown, a well-known international market research firm, completed the data gathering. It was...
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2013

From the Runway to Retail Stores: Where do Fashion Houses Make Their Highest Profits?

By: Marie Mcomments 0 | 2013
What comes to mind when you hear Salvatore Ferragamo? Luxury fashion, jetsetters and posh runway shows? Not many people think of the business behind the name, but it's time to really ask ourselves — is the fashion industry worth all the competition?...

Luxury Retail: Big Data is Watching

By: Sophie Dorancomments 1 | 2013
The gap between the physical & digital retail experience continues to narrow, as retailers look to mobile tracking & facial recognition software to better understand brick-and-mortar consumers. The average Briton now has 26 online accounts,...

Les Clefs d’Or Shares Stories of Hotel Concierges Making the Impossible, Possible

concierge Remember the 1960’s TV show, I Dream of Jeannie? The one with Barbara Eden as a 2,000-year-old genie in love with her astronaut master? She vowed to make all his wishes come true and if you’ve ever watched an episode, you may have found yourself...
By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2013

Luxury Estate President Shares Inside Track on Biggest and Best Real Estate Markets

Apartment for sale in 16th arrondissement, Paris
By: Carol Drivercomments 0 | 2013
When it comes to buying and selling luxury properties, Silvio Pagliani is the go-to man. As the co-founder of high-end Italian property site Immobiliare and president of Luxury Estate, he knows a thing or two about the real estate market. In an...

HotelsWorld Presents Pacific Beachcomber S.C.'s Richard Bailey a Global First Award

Pacific Beachcomber Richard Bailey, President and CEO of Pacific Beachcomber, received the Global First Award at HotelsWorld's First Awards ceremony. The event honors leading industry hoteliers and executives in the Australia and New Zealand region. The festivities...
By: James Rothaarcomments 0 | 2013

Our 5 Favorite Princesses and Their Charitable Contributions

Our 5 Favorite Princesses and Their Charitable Contributions
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 1 | 2013
Unless you've quite literally been living in a cave for the past week, you already know all about the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's first son, Prince George (carrying the weighty title of His Royal Highness Prince George of...

Where to Hire Discreet, Well-Groomed Staff For a High Profile Home

personal staff When celebrities need to hire staff they most likely aren’t going to your average staffing agencies. Instead, companies like Celebrities Staffing Services have come along to provide domestic and corporate staff placement in high profile estates,...
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2013

The Latest Boutiques: Aesop, Graff & Saint Laurent

IWC unveils its latest boutique on a cruise ship, as Chanel inaugurates its largest boutique in the world, and Rolls Royce looks to retail in Bangkok “The days of Americans being the biggest overseas shoppers at London’s Harrods store are over”...
By: Sophie Dorancomments 0 | 2013

President of Vail Resorts Talks Expanding Into Utah: Interview with Blaise Carrig

vail resorts
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2013
There’s always news of some kind in Park City, Utah, even when there is no snow. But the most recent news took many by surprise. At the end of May this year, it was announced that Vail Resorts, one of the leading mountain resort operators in the...

Southeast Asia & South America New Growth Leaders for Luxury

JK Iguatemi According to Bain & Company, South East Asia will experience 20% luxury sales growth in 2013, whilst consumption in Central & South America looks set to increase by 12% Bain & Company has shared the Spring 2013 update to its Luxury Goods...
By: Sophie Dorancomments 0 | 2013

The Latest Appointments: Harry Winston, Dunhill & Audemars Piguet

Nicola Formichetti new artistic director at Diesel Richemont’s chairman and founder Johann Rupert to take one year off, as Thierry Andretta exits Lanvin and Dr. Ulrich Bez prepares to step down from Aston Martin In a string of recent executive movements at Richemont, Marty Wikstrom has resigned...
By: Sophie Dorancomments 0 | 2013

Get Business Advice From Bill Gates on LinkedIn

The saying goes, "If you want to be the best, you must to learn from the best." And if billions of dollars, worldwide success, entrepreneurial drive and philanthropic spirit are of any interest to you, then Bill Gates is here to help. This morning,...
By: Tara Imperatorecomments 0 | 2013

Ferrari Driving Toward Exclusivity in Ultra-Luxury Market by Decreasing Production

The line between luxury and mass-manufactured automobiles is blurring all the time. The features that were seen only in deluxe vehicles are now commonplace on various makes and models across the board. But not on Ferrari’s shift! As the revered...
By: James Rothaarcomments 0 | 2013

South America's New "It" Destination: An Interview with Executive Director of Proexport Colombia

Luis German Restrepo of Proexport Colombia
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2013
As two international business media channels and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development noted recently, Colombia offers advantages over other South American countries for foreign investment.
 The most recent assessment of...

Rich Moms Cut Disney World Lines by Hiring Handicapped Tour Guides

cinderella's castle at disney world Ahh, Walt Disney World—a magical place where fairytales come to life; families spend quality time together; and well-off Manhattan moms cheat the system so their young children don’t have to wait in long lines. According to the, a group of wealthy mothers hired ‘black-market tour guides’ who are handicapped so their children can cut to the front of the lines. This insider info has been passed around from mom to mom among the private school sector in NYC and many have been taking advantage, especially with how low the rates are. Dream Tours Florida is the company one mom claimed to have used, which charges $130 per hour and $1,040 for an eight-hour day, compared to Disney Tours’ VIP guide and fast passes from $310-380 an hour. So while money doesn't seem to be an issue, the same can't exactly be said for good parenting and morals.
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2013

Chinese Consumers Shift View on Luxury Goods

China is seeing a noticeable change in the way its consumers perceive, and most importantly purchase, luxury goods in just the past couple years. Back in 2011, the country’s luxury market grew 30 percent in contrast to the mere seven percent in 2012, according to Bain & Company via Red Luxury. Where Chinese buyers were perhaps frivolously spending on high-end items, purchasing one-fourth of the world’s luxury goods in 2012, they now appear to be thinking much more realistically about quality and function, and not merely the label. With saturation possibly to blame, major luxury brands have been compelled to bring back an experience to their clientele. Instead of opening more storefronts, brands are moving toward providing memorable customer service and exclusive products that can't be found at every location.
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2013

Should Passengers Pay by the Pound for Airfare?

passengers on plane Weigh in on this one. Since the cost of a first-class ticket already ensures that high-end customers pay a premium for their space at the front of the aircraft, it is unlikely that passengers flying first class would ever be charged by the pound...
By: James Rothaarcomments 0 | 2013

Moods, Metrics & Mindsets: 2013 Trends From Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America

American express Luxury Summit “2013 is and will be, a big spend year,” Dr. Jim Taylor, Vice Chairman, The Harrison Group, and main author of the 2013 Survey Of Affluence And Wealth In America, presented at the American Express Publishing Luxury Summit this week. “How can we...
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2013
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