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LAX takes Flight with DJ AM

Posted: Aug. 29th, 2007  |  By Christy Stewart
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Insider: In an attempt to draw younger crowds, the Luxor has enlisted help from the celebrity circuit they look up to. Perhaps the most notable Hollywood-type on the list is Adam Goldstein, more appropriately known as DJ AM.

The young, personable DJ AM has come a long way from supplying the beats for the highly-successful 90s band, Crazy Town. As a co-owner of Hollywood's hip LAX Nightclub, and with an established residency at Las Vegas' PURE, DJ AM is the perfect man to ensure the Luxor's expansion goes off without a hitch.

It all began when Steve Davidovici from the Pure Management Group approached AM with a couple of offers for new nightclub spaces in Las Vegas.

"Stevie D, who I already work for at PURE, is a fan of LAX in L.A. -- the club that I own here," AM said. When Davidovici asked AM what he thought about opening up an LAX in Las Vegas, DJ AM said, "let's go."

Take a closer look at DJ AM

Las Vegas' LAX -- occupying the space formerly known as RA -- will boast all the star-studded qualities of its airport-themed sister nightclub in Los Angeles. With the help of PURE Management Group, LAX is set to open its doors August 31 just in time to celebrate the 2007 Labor Day Weekend. DJ AM will be manning the turntables while none other than the tabloids' favorite pop princess Britney Spears hosts the event. While AM didn't want to drop names, he assured me there will definitely be celebrities in attendance.

According to AM, the grand opening is going to be plenty hectic. "Literally, everyone and their mother is coming," AM said. "I tell most of my friends, 'dude, just come next week, it's going to be such a movie.'"

Scratching his way to the top, DJ AM has become a favorite among clubgoers across the globe, including the likes of some of Hollywood's most celebrated A-listers. However, the little boy whose love for music began with a short-lived attempt to play the trumpet never envisioned himself a co-owner of a nightclub.

"I like playing music," AM said, "that's my thing. It just kind of made sense. I wanted my own place where I can play what I want and run it my way."

DJ AM first realized his calling while watching Herby Hancock perform the song Rocket at the Grammys.

"He had a DJ on stage named Grand Master DST and I saw him scratching and I thought, 'damn I want to do that,'" AM said.

Find out what else DJ AM had to say

And with a jampacked schedule, DJ AM hasn't stopped since. Flying from city to city, playing events and parties, and even taking time to design a bottle for Diet Pepsi, DJ AM spends more time in airplanes than he does at home. So what does DJ AM do to relax?

"I just like to sleep as much as I can. I'm a very big fan of sleeping," he said. "Every once in a while I take like three or four days off. A vacation for me (because I'm always on the road) is not really going away, it's staying home. If I can stay home for three days straight and just be a bum and watch YouTube and TiVo I'm really, really happy. It's like any line of work though, it gets fun then it gets not so fun."

When DJ AM is in Las Vegas he said his favorite place to stay is at the Augustus Tower in Caesars Palace and while he may not frequent nightclubs often he does have his favorites.

"I don't really go out much so I haven't really been to many," he said. "I have a feeling LAX will be (a favorite), and I like Tangerine."

DJ AM plans to continue making regular appearances at PURE as well as playing parties throughout Las Vegas. As of yet, he is unsure as to how many days each month he will spin at LAX but claims it should be at least once a month. In addition to providing beats, DJ AM, along with other co-owner Christina Aguilera, will be involved in several aspects of running the business.

While the aesthetics won't entail as much airport-themed memorabilia as his club in Los Angeles, the 26,000-square-foot venue will feature unparalleled acoustics and state-of-the-art lighting.

"I've been in this business for a very long time and I'm not kidding it's probably the nicest club I've ever seen in my life," he said. "We use this space well. It has one of the best flows of any club. A lot of people like to take laps at a club and (LAX) has the best track. On top of that it has some of the best sound I've ever heard and the lights are kind of insane. I've never really seen anything like them," he said.

"Vegas has so much over saturation of nightclubs," DJ AM points out, "people have so many options. Trust me, just try to go to LAX. It's visually stunning. Everyone should be happy. You'll see."

For LxM Christina Stewart
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rodney williams Posted Oct 27, 2008
MY FIRST VISIT TO CLUB FROM PHOENIX FOR MY BIRTHDAY. Is WOW! It was the best club I've been to in vegas in a long time and please let me give the DJ five stars he was amazing.
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