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Lakers' Championship Rings a Slam Dunk

Posted: Oct. 29th, 2009  |  By James Rothaar
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Luxury News: The 2008-09 NBA's champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, were in search of new look for its championship rings. The distinction between most rings of championship teams is simple. The ring's size and glitziness are larger with each passing season. Check out the size of the latest rings worn by the most recent championship teams of the NHL and the NFL, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively, for a quick fact-check on that one.

The Lakers wanted something different to commemorate its season as champions. After all, they are among the most-storied franchise in the history of professional sports with a total of 15 championships, which, in the U.S., places them third following the NY Yankees and the Boston Celtics. Seeking out something a tad different that just size and sparkle, the team turned to a championship-caliber jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, to up the ante on the special memento's style and presence.

"Championship rings were desperately in need of a new and fresh direction, every ring began to look the same," said Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills. "As a personal jeweler and friend to a number of professional athletes, I know what the players want. We chose a design that reflects the LA lifestyle which is bigger and flashier while maintaining an element of class."

The final result is a slam dunk, a term coined by the Lakers legendary broadcaster and all-time number-one supporter, the late Chick Hearn. In memory of Chick, the ring is two-toned; the white gold symbolizes the Lakers' white uniforms, which are worn to honor Mr. Hearn on Sundays and holidays. The gold is a limited edition 15 karat, representing the 15 total Lakers' championships

There are 14 diamonds surrounding the top in recognition of the team's previous 14 championships, with the Larry O'Brien trophy in the middle to represent the 2008-09 title. An image of each player is on the side of the individual's ring along with an etching of the respective jersey number. The Los Angeles skyline appears instead on rings issued to non-player rings in the team's hierarchy. A chronicle of the playoffs appears on the other side of the ring. Additionally, each ring is authenticated by a serial number, and to further protect the authenticity, there are hidden etchings of the Lakers logo.

For more information on the Lakers, visit Lakers.com. For more information on Jason of Beverly Hills, visit JasonofBH.com.

For JustLuxe James Rothaar
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