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Looking for a New Handbag, but Concerned About the Environment?

Posted: Jan. 27th, 2010  |  By Carly Zinderman
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News & Trends: Try Nyla Noor Eco-Luxe Handbags by Romaana and Saifra Zia. “Nyla Noor blends our love of high fashion with the next concept in lifestyle, which is conscious living,” states Romaana Zia. These functional pieces are the fruition of a life-long dream of the two Pakistani sisters, who conspired to construct, rather than design this new luxury line.

The sisters left their banking jobs just last year to define the union of versatility and sophistication in their handbag collection. Inspired by their father, a skilled textile engineer, who would return from his travels with “treasures” to adorn their mother, encouraged the women's love for fashion, art, and architecture. The women's entrepreneurial spirit catapulted them back to their roots where in just one short year the collection has been designed and is ready for release.

“We like to translate what moves us about a certain place into a design. Our design aesthetic has been influenced by traveling to places such as Buenos Aires, Paris and Tokyo. Saifra likes to add soft touches and feminine details, while I tend to gravitate towards edgier and bolder looks,” says Romaana. The inspiration for this particular piece came following a recent excursion to Barcelona.

Each bag is designed using the finest ultra luxe hardware and leather. The leathers are vegetable tanned using only natural extracts in processing and the handbags are lined with 100% organic cotton. All styles are available in Sangria and Caviar with price points ranging in the middle to high hundreds. Not only does the collection scream opulence, they appeal to the passionate fashionista that is moving in the direction of her dreams. All styles are available for purchase at www.nylanoor.com
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