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Disturbing or Expected? Wealthy Teens Stir Up Instagram Controversy

rich kids of instagram
By: Tara Imperatorecomments 1 | 2012
Though millions of Americans are feeling the various effects of the recession, the Rich Kids of Instagram don’t seem to know the meaning of the word. In case you haven’t been introduced to RKOI yet, it’s a Tumblr page that compiles...

Wildlife Conservationists Come Together in New Efforts to save Endangered Elephant and Rhino Populations

Elephant family photos, courtesy of Wildlife Conservation Socie
By: Lena Katzcomments 0 | 2014
Did you know that, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society, an average of 96 elephants are killed every day, for a jaw-dropping total of 35,000 per year? Meanwhile, more than 1000 rhinos were poached and killed last year—the Western...

A New Vision, A New Brand: An Interview With Dianna Vaughan, Global Head of Curio - A Collection By Hilton

By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2014
On June 2, 2014, Hilton Worldwide announced the launch of a new brand, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, with five hotels having signed letters of intent to become part of this new collection. The name Curio defines the vision and...

If Mermaids Could Speak: Susan Rockefeller on Protecting Our Oceans, Her New Jewelry Line and How it's All Connected

Susan Rockefeller
By: Courtney Drivercomments 0 | 2014
Save the planet: a phrase so incredibly common that the words have been nearly bastardized into simply being the motto of hippies and Earth Month every year. It is easy to forget all of the things that are happening around us and how the things we...

Experiences are the New Luxury Frontier: Emerging Market Opportunities at the Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit

Business of Luxury Summit
By: Steven Fischercomments 0 | 2014
At first one might be drawn to think of luxury as the latest high-end handbag which comes at an astronomical price, but the newest frontier in luxury surrounds the experience. While the focus of the recent Financial Times’ annual Business of...

British Polo Day: The Duke of Argyll Discusses the Sport of Kings, Royal Salute Scotch and Life at Inveraray Castle

His Grace, The Duke of Argyll
By: Courtney Drivercomments 0 | 2014
Recently, British Polo Day descended onto Los Angeles for a day full of high-adrenaline sporting, Royal Salute whisky tasting and general revelry. Typically held in exotic locales like Abu Dhabi, India and Russia, it marked the first time this...

The Results Are In! Renzo Piano's The Shard Wins the 2013 Emporis Skyscraper Award

the shard london Renzo Piano
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
For the past 14 years, the world's tallest buildings have been vying for the Emporis Skyscraper Award, and this year the honor went to Renzo Piano's The Shard in London. Chosen by the an international panel of experts, over 300 skyscrapers...

Q&A: The Milestone's Head Concierge Takes a Look Back at His 15 Years of Hotel Service

milestone hotel
By: Vicki Arkoffcomments 0 | 2014
"No request is too large, no detail too small,” is the motto of the dedicated staff of The Milestone Hotel, London’s extraordinary the Grade II-listed, luxury boutique hotel with 24-hour butler service. Readers of Condé...

Q&A: Sandals Resorts International Founder Gordon “Butch” Stewart & Son Talk Brand & Family

By: Lena Katzcomments 0 | 2014
Sandals Resorts International, the pioneering all-inclusive brand whose cheery late-night TV commercials fueled American dreams of sun-splashed Jamaican vacations in the ‘80s and ‘90s, has enjoyed a brand renaissance in post-recession...

Solar Roadways Set to Move From Prototype to Production Thanks to Some Famous Fans

Solar Roadways
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
Thanks so some major celebrity support, like Nathan Fillion and George Takei (both of whom took to Facebook and Twitter), Solar Roadways has raised enough to meet their Indiegogo goal of $1 million (to date, they've made $1.4 million) and we...

Checking in on the 10 Tallest Skyscrapers Under Construction in Europe

tallest buildings in europe
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2014
Ever wondered which skyscrapers in Europe are the tallest? Well, building data provider Emporis recently revealed a study in which they discovered that Moscow is steadily maintaining its status as the skyscraper capital of Europe. Already home to...

6 Word Wows: The Ritz-Carlton's CSMO Ed French Talks About Inspiring Guest Experiences

By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2014
According to literary legend, Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to tell a story in six words; the result was both simple and profound: “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Clearly, Hemingway knew his way around a story and proved six...
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