Billionaires Show Off Their Philanthropic Sides

Bill Gates has been seen as the archangel of billionaires over the years, donating $28 billion to date to deserving charities and organizations. But in between dropping serious cash on the necessities—flashy cars they don’t drive, houses they never live in and clothes they probably look ridiculous in—plenty of other billionaires around the world are throwing certain percentages of their earnings to those in need. Whether out of the kindness of their hearts, to relieve some billionaire guilt, or attempt to be named in the same breath with Bill Gates’ and his philanthropic efforts, the reason is not important; these elite are generous nonetheless.

According to Wealth-X’s new list of billionaire do-gooders, Tsai Wan Tsai, a banker from Taiwan, contributed 1.94% of his $4.7 billion net worth a year to natural disaster relief, education and community development among other charities. Not impressed? Huang Wenzai, CEO of a luxury property development company out of China, gives away 92.13% of his yearly income and his net worth is only $1 billion. So far, $32 million has gone to rural construction, public welfare and natural disaster. Kudos, gentlemen, keep up the good work.


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