Daring Video Stunt Gets Tourist Lifetime Ban From Egypt

Photo & Video Credit: Andrej Ciesilski

Today's teenagers are known for making some very poor decisions and capturing them on social media, for all the world to see. The most recent incident of terrible judgment was when 18-year-old German tourist Andrej Ciesilski decided to climb the Great Pyramid of Giza. Not only did the teen scale its 4,500-year-old exterior, but he also filmed himself all the way up. The video shows Ciesilski making his way through the city before beginning his 455-foot ascent. With a stop in between to take it all in, he finally reaches its peak and lifts both arms in celebration.

Cool as this may seem, his stunt got him banned from re-entering Egypt forever according to the Daily Mail. Note to daredevils out there: If you’re going to commit an illegal act, don’t do it in a war-torn country where prisons are already overcrowded. Although he was questioned by authorities, they ultimately released him. The teen could have faced a three-year imprisonment if tried, clearly not worth the price of his 15-minutes of fame. All of that said, the video is definitely worth a watch and gives perspective on why the pyramids are truly amazing. 

Nicolle Monico

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