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Nov. 5th, 2009

Shopping for Luxury Holiday Gifts & Gets - November 2009

Fehrenbach Fine Art Jewelery
Eye Candy Series Cocktail Ring - $248.00
Hand Forged and Folded Cuff Bracelet - $156

For the designer jewelery aficionado in your life who likes her baubles to separate her from the pack, look no further than Fehrenbach Fine Art Jewelry. Designer Deborah Marie Fehrenbach's award-winning metal-based creations are bold, exciting and whimsical, commanding attention in the best possible way. Trust me, I know, having worn two of Fehrenbach's contemporary pieces on numerous occasions - and with much fanfare. First is the Eye Candy Cocktail Ring introduced to the marketplace just this season as part of the company's Eclipse Collection. As all Fehrenbach Fine Art Jewelry is inspired by the designer's love of nature, this ring, too, is a homage to her favorite hobby, scuba diving, and her favorite fish, the puffer with its large jeweled eyes. This hand-fabricated Sterling silver ring features a large (approximately 2cm) round three-dimensional silver disk with your choice of semi-precious, lab grown cubic zirconia or resin colored 8 mm channel set stone in its center. This is all is perched majestically atop an architectural adjustable band. A matching bracelet, pendant and earrings are also available.

I've also sported Fehrenbach's gorgeous Hand Forged and Folded Cuff Bracelet. Also from a new Fehrenbach Fine Art Jewelry series, this cuff-style, fold formed and forged bracelet is available in polished 18-karat gold or Sterling silver, or patina copper for a more Earthy appeal. With its hand forged look, even the polished metals will work with both casual and dressy looks. I also personally love chunky jewelry, and at its thinnest point this cuff is approximately 3 full centimeters, flaring to about 4 cm at the ends. Nature and jewelry lovers rejoice! (

Psychic Reading with Justine Kenzer (30-45 minutes/in-person or remote) - $200
In scouring the luxury marketplace for unique and innovative gift ideas, I sometimes run across something entirely unexpected was the case with find. However unconventional, an in-person or remote reading with psychic-to-the-stars Justine Kenzer may be just the ticket for that uber-finicky person who's impossible to buy for, likes to think outside the box and enjoy unique experiences, already has it all, or just likes to know about things. Indeed, Justine offers gift certificates for her 30-45-minute reading sessions, which may be conduced either in person, over the telephone, or even via instant message! As long as the person being read give Justine permission to psychically look in at him or her and those he or she wants to speak about, she's reportedly able to tune into that person on an energetic level and provide specific answers to their questions.

Justine has been a professional psychic for twenty years, helping people worldwide tap into information they don't have access to on their own. As a clairvoyant, Justine claims the ability to clearly see energy just by using her psychic ability. She seeks to use this "gift" to provide spiritual healing that can quickly result in positive change in the person being read's physical world. She's used her psychic ability to do everything from name best selling books, to help business owners hire great people and fire not so great people, to help heal broken hearts. She's even read some of Hollywood's biggest movers, shakers and A-list celebrities, including Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Carmen Electra, and Suzanne Somers. In fact, Justine named Suzanne's two best selling books, "Ageless" and "Breakthrough" both in psychic readings with her.

For my part, I recently did my own reading with Justine an the experience was very positive. She gave me insights into many facets of my life, including my fundamental personality and ambition, business prospects for the upcoming year and where to focus my efforts, medical concerns for myself and others in my family and even marital questions. In all, a fun and fascinating experience. No matter what you personally believe, consider this unique gift for those who would enjoy some insight into their own life and guidance for navigating what lie ahead. (

Carmen Steffens Beatriz Slingback Platform Shoe - $198
Carmen Steffens designs and hand-crafts an impressive collection of Brazilian-born footwear, handbags, and accessories sold through over 140 retail stores worldwide (and online). The company has an incredible A-list celebrity following of starlets known for their fashion flair such as Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate and even Mariah Carey, who, incidentally, is the namesake of her very own Carmen Steffens designer shoe - handmade with authentic Austrian crystals ($848) - that she wore in her "Obsessed" remix music video. I, however, have recently set my sights on another of the company's particularly artful designs that any shoe suitor would love: the Beatriz Slingback Platform.

Carmen Steffens Beatriz is a highly versatile slingback shoe that combines smooth black patent Bovine leather with that imprinted with an animal skin pattern, which is carried over to the insole. The Beatriz design also features cute charm that dangles from the buckle, a 1" high platform and a uniquely styled 5" high leather covered heel. The bottom has a non-slip rubber sole etched with the Carmen Steffens logo and various silhouetted images. She'll go from work to a night out on the town in this pair of first-class footwear! (

Cricket Q-Zone Quiet Dryer - $179.99
Here's a great gift for someone in your own household as you'll all reap the rewards: Cricket's Q-Zone Quiet Dryer. This innovative high performance blow dryer uses patent-pending "Insanely Quiet" technology to create lovely locks without ridiculously loud noise and gluttonous energy consumption. This lightweight device, which is ergonomically designed to suit both righties and lefties, fosters a more serene beauty routine for the user, and will no longer wake spouses and other loved ones, or house guests, when blow drying hair. Its use of ceramic tourmaline technology produces damage-free, moist, shiny and healthier-looking hair without the dull roar associated with normal hair dryers. Ionic technology also dramatically reduces drying time, which is fantastic for those with long hair for whom hair drying is a chore.

Cricket's Q-Zone Quiet Dryer, which comes in an attractive metallic pewter and black design, features two speed and three heat settings, a dual air intake, a cold shot dual position button allowing activation from either the handle or barrel grip, a removable concentrator attachment and a heavy duty eight foot cord. And, not only is the Q-Zone Quiet Dryer a great hair tool, but it is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient - it does the work of an 1875 watt dryer, but only uses 1500 watts of electricity. The packaging is also made from 100% recyclable packaging materials. Green the routine! (
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