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Nov. 5th, 2009

Shopping for Luxury Holiday Gifts & Gets - November 2009

Rosy Rings Limited Edition Spicy Apple Candle - $160
You know you've chosen an incredible gift item when the recipient is treated to an olfactory adventure even before the box is opened. I recently had that very experience with Rosy Rings unbelievably fragrant and decidedly gorgeous Limited Edition Spicy Apple Candle - an exclusive, one-of-a-kind gift available only through December 15, 2009. This extremely high-end, hand-made, long-burning candle is a dual-sensory indulgence, as visually stunning and enchanting as its phenomenal scent. This commanding candle (12" L x 7" W x 9" H) represents nature's bounty, and is absolutely bursting with Japanese maple leaves, grated cinnamon, rose-hips, golden berries, clove and crisp apple slices. Two wicks offer fully 300 hours of burn time. Not a person has come into my home without commenting on how incredible it smells - even when the candle is not lit. When I reveal the scent source is this Limited Edition Spicy Apple Candle, the reaction to its elegant appearance is just as exuberant. A perfect home decor item for the table or mantle, this candle gift is sure to be a home run. In addition to this artful Limited Edition piece, Rosy Rings offers a grand array of entirely hand-made botanical, soy and jar candles, boxed botanicals, reed diffusers, and other fabulous accessories and gifts. (

Burberry London 2009 Limited Edition Holiday Collection Fragrances
For Women (3.3oz) - $84
For Men (3.3oz) - $70

No holiday gift list is complete without a body fragrance and Burberry London's ebullient 2009 Limited Edition Holiday Collection Fragrances for Women and Men are a perfect pick. The company has put an elegant and festive twist on its venerable London line, enhancing the classic and elegant attributes that have made it a scent sensation the world over. First there is the First there is the glam packaging and design. The bottles, which maintain their original signature shapes, are adorned with shiny and glossy fabrics intended to express "the reflections of the Christmas lights the undulate on the surface of the River Thames." The ladies bottle is outfitted with a shiny metallic finish with a hint of pink, while the men's bottle has a masculine glossy charcoal veneer. The outer packaging is also decidedly stylish, both with glossy paper that has a mirror-like finish and a dramatic black logo on a chrome mirriboard background.

But, the proof is in the pudding or, in this case, inside the bottle itself. Both fragrances are simply divine and will duly enhance your holiday party attire. The company describes the woman's scent as having lively and shimmering freshness, a dewy and bright floralcy, a moiré and elegant woodiness. The juicy blend of grapefruit and mandarin opens the composition with a burst of light crossed by the spicy vibration of pink pepper. In the heart of the fragrance glows a very feminine and truly British rose, the English Garden Rose sublimated a dewy cyclamen and lily of the valley. The magnetic trail is based on precious woods and comforting musks. The men's scent is billed as a bright, crisp, fresh, sparkling version of its classic fragrance. The top notes are joyful, with an uplifting cocktail of lemon, green pineapple and blackcurrant buds, not to forget a touch of plum, reminiscent of Christmas. A fresh watery floral note with a hint of lavender gives a particular shine to the heart note. The drydown, whilst directly inspired from the classic fragrance, with its warm, sensual woody character, reveals a clear, air, and vibrant woody-ambery facet. (

HoMedics Mini Percussion Massager - $9.99
Now here's a great stocking stuffer idea. Homedics Mini Percussion Massager makes a great gift for anyone who can benefit from some stress relief and relaxation in the course of busy day - and who doesn't want that? This portable, battery operated Mini Percussion Massager from HoMedics - the leader in massage technology - is small enough to fit in a purse or briefcase for a quick massage mid-day - no matter where the user may be. Designed to fit and be used comfortably with just one hand, don't let its size fool you as this mini massager packs a powerful punch! Forget that coffee break and opt for a massage instead to work out those kinks and feel invigorated. Better than vibration, the dual node percussion movement employed by this device mimics a masseuse's hands. And, percussion massage is known to have many applications and benefits, including the reduction of adherent scars, increased circulation, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and more. Homedics Mini Percussion Massager is available in three fun metallic colors - pink, purple, and blue. Available through authorized HoMedics retailers. (

- Merilee Kern
JustLuxé.com's "The Luxe List" Executive Review Editor

The Luxe List product, service and travel review editor Merilee Kern scours the luxury marketplace for new and captivating "musts." Submissions are accepted via e-mail at View all of Merilee's Luxe List articles from here (scroll to page bottom).

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