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Sep. 2nd, 2010

Bleu de Chanel: Short Film by Martin Scorcese

News & Trends: Once again, Chanel is on the cutting edge of fashion. While many high-fashion brands have begun using short films (formerly known as commercials) to promote their products, not many have managed to snag a Hollywood hotshot. Nonetheless, Chanel has managed to land Oscar-winning director Martin Scorcese for its newest cologne, Bleu de Chanel.

In the Chanel cologne ad, Martin Scorsese directs French actor Gaspard Ulliel of "Hannibal Rising" in his quest to be himself, a common Scorcese theme. Rather than confirm, Ulliel embarks on a passionate and tumultuous relationship.

"Martin Scorsese is a director whom I've admired for a long time," Ulliel says. "I see him as one of the great masters of contemporary filmmaking. Throughout the five days of work, he overflowed with energy and enthusiasm and achieved something that truly stands out from other fragrance commercials."
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