Apr. 8th, 2014

9 Awesome Grilling Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

himalayan salt plate
Photo Courtesy of Sur La Table

With grilling season right around the corner, we decided to hunt down some of the niftiest and coolest grilling gadgets and accessories to kick things off on the right foot. From flavor enhancers to items that will make you a tech-savvy griller, we’ve got you covered. These accessories are so helpful (and awesome) they might just help you claim that grill master of the year title you keep vying for. 

Himalayan Salt Plate

Up your grill game and enhance the flavor of your food with this slab of mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt plate ($34.95). Place the plate directly on the grill, with whatever you're cooking up on top, and the salt will wonderfully enhance the richness and flavor of the food (without it getting too salty!). You can also use the plate in the oven or chill it to serve fruit, cold vegetables, cheese, appetizers or anything else. It’s naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean. Plus, it’s pretty (as you can see in the picture above).

Photo Courtesy of iDevices


Become the smartest grill master around with the help of the iGrill2 ($99.99). The gadget connects with your iOS device to help you achieve the perfect grilling time and temperature. The iGrill comes with four temperature probes so you can monitor different cuts of meat while being able to step away from the grill to enjoy other summer activities. You’ll receive an alert once the food is ready (you can preset desired temperatures) or you can keep a detailed eye on the temperature progression on the app’s dashboard.


The Grillbot

The Grillbot ($129.95) is the lazy man’s best friend, nay, it’s the SMART man’s best friend! The time and energy saving device will get your grill completely cleaned and all you have to do is press a button and watch it work its magic. You can place Grillbot on the grill and forget about it; the device will let you know when it’s finished. Spend more time with friends and family (or with the game) and less time scrubbing the grill — which is really what a summer barbeque should be about.

Photo Courtesy of Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo’s Kegerator

One of the best complements to something hot off the grill is a nice, ice-cold beer. Kalamazoo’s Kegerator ($4,301) is designed to meet industry standards but made for your home. Enjoy a refreshing draft of your favorite beer straight from the tap. Sip your brew while flipping meat, or use the next grilling accessory to enjoy your drink from inside the house.

white charcoal
Photo Courtesy of Korin

Binchotan Charcoal

Binchotan ($149.90) is a traditional Japanese charcoal that is chemical free, nearly smoke free, and burns three times hotter than American charcoal. The lack of chemical additives and the incredibly high heat preserves flavor and adds a beautiful sear. When not in use on the grill, the charcoal actually has quite a few health benefits as well (improves soil quality, helps blood cycle, absorbs odors, to name a few!).

smoking gun
Photo Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The Smoking Gun

Now that you’ve got your chemical and smoke-free charcoal, we’ve got a tool for you in case you do want a smoky flavor in your meat. The Smoking Gun ($99.95) allows you to add a measured amount of natural, cool smoke to just about anything. You can even get creative and add a shot of smoke to fruit, chocolate, sauces, salads, or even drinks and cocktails. The selection of “combustables” includes various types of wood chips, teas, herbs, spices, hay and dried flowers so your smoke-filled flavoring options are nearly limitless.

flavor injector
Photo Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The Flavor Injector

Another way to inject flavor into meat is with the Flavor Injector ($19.95). The stainless-steel tool has an easy-to-handle syringe to insert marinades and other liquid flavorings into foods before cooking. It's ideal for roasting, deep-frying, and of course barbequing. The syringe is marked with measurements, and the little window on the syringe lets you see the liquid level — which we think is a cool touch.

barbeque branding iron
Photo Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

Monogrammed Barbeque Branding Iron

Whether you’re a real cowboy or an urban griller proud of his quality, you can brand your steak to mark it truly yours. Add a more rustic flair to your grilling tool kit with a Monogrammed Barbeque Branding Iron ($58.95). The iron is made of durable, long-lasting stainless steel and has a wooden handle. It heats over an open flame or inside burning charcoal and will sear any three letters onto your food. The personalized iron comes in a wooden storage box with a monogram of the brand imprinted on the lid. 

iron skewers
Photo Courtesy of WatkinsForge

Wrought-Iron Skewers

These handmade, wrought-iron skewers ($144) have a rustic, Western feel similar to the branding iron. Their functionality makes them ideal for grilling kabobs on the grill. The rod of the skewers is made slightly squared so that the food you impale won’t flop or rotate while it’s grilling and the handle comes to a scrolled, twisted end. Each skewer is forged with fire for a unique finish.