Mar. 25th, 2014

Grilled Lobster from Chef Curtis Stone

grilled lobster

We came across this gem of a recipe from Australian chef Curtis Stone on Gathering family and friends, firing up the grill, and cooking a great meal, is a way of life in Australia. Stone recalls grilled seafood being a staple at such gatherings.

Stone’s Grilled Lobster recipe is very simple. First the lobster is cooked over a searing hot grill, and then topped with butter that has been mixed with herbs and garlic. The butter melts into the seafood, and pools around the shell. This is the perfect appetizer for two people to share.

A Quick Tip from Stone for Prepping Live Lobster: First, make sure the live lobster is chilled. Then lay it on its back, put the tip of a cleaver at the top of its head, and bisect it quickly following the groove along its belly.




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