Jul. 1st, 2014

Mojito Massage Anyone? Miami Offers the Coolest Spa Treatments

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In Miami we take both our food and our spas seriously.

Case in point: the Organic Fusion Facial, just one of the many cool spa treatments that you can book during your stay here. This treatment combines gentle exfoliation and resurfacing creams with extracts from champagne grapes, coconuts, limes, pineapple, grapefruit, and the stone crop plant to boost tired and weathered skin. Then, specialists massage an antioxidant- and Vitamin C-rich concoction deep into the pores to awaken and excite your skin from its core.

Another unique treatment is the POWER facial, designed to bring skin back its youthful, healthy glow. The POWER facial exfoliates the skin by employing a powerful mushroom enzyme that whittles away dead skin cells, then rectifies problematic skin by cleansing deep into the pores and lifting away impurities that accumulate during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


And then there’s Miami’s signature exclusive treatment: the Miami Mojito Massage. First, masseuses exfoliate your skin with lime halves and sugar to slough off dead skin cells. As you luxuriate in the mix, the masseuses blend mint and lime essential oils with rum to create a sumptuous, detoxifying blend that they then apply to your whole body to stimulate circulation. Afterwards, they slick off the mix with warm mittens, leaving skin irresistibly soft and ready for the massage to follow. An authentic Miami experience, no doubt! Whichever treatment you choose, one thing remains the same: you’ll have a truly unique and “delicious” healing experience.


Everyone knows that your hair and nails are your best accessories, so keep them looking their best with some of the celebrated treatments at select Miami spas. The Beach Beautiful package ensures that when you hit the beach, you hit it in style. The treatment begins with a Sole Delight Foot Treatment and pedicure: soak your feet in warm aromatherapy oils and milk, then relax as your technician polishes your toes with a color to match the sun, sand, and your favorite flip-flops. Afterwards, hop over to the salon seat and unwind as the masters rediscover your hair’s true sheen and radiance with a deep conditioning mask, scalp massage, hair wash and blow dry.


Every woman deserves a sophisticated man at her side; so let the man in your life indulge in some cutting-edge spa treatments that cater specifically to men’s needs. The Men’s Facial, for example, works at the molecular level to rebalance the skin. The spa specialists begin the treatment by wrapping hot towels around the face and neck to soothe beard bristles and open up clogged pores. After the skin has been primed, they work on acupressure points and lymphatic drainage with a shoulder and scalp massage. The result: skin that is hydrated and renewed, and a man that is glowing and irresistible.


Miami Spa Month

If you want to dip your feet into the lush world of Miami spa treatments, or if you’re already a spa-going enthusiast looking for great deals, make sure to visit during July and August when Greater Miami and the Beaches will be celebrating Miami Spa Month.

For two months, Miami Spa Month features incredible savings on special treatments at premier spas, so don’t miss out! Next time you visit Greater Miami and the Beaches, get more out of Miami. Choose indulgence, choose relaxation; choose Miami’s spas.

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