Mar. 31st, 2014

Some of the Best and Brightest Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Summer

summer lighting
Photo Courtesy of Restoration Hardward

Forget the tiki torches, we’re classing up your summer soirée with some seriously awesome lighting. Whether it’s glittering floor lights, colorful wall sconces, rustic chandeliers or even glowing furniture, your backyard or patio will be transformed with these incredible fixtures and accessories.

fire pit
Photo Courtesy of Front Gate

Warm your guests (or yourself) by a flickering fire from the Verona Custom Gas Fire Table ($1,699). This elegant fire pit is a fabulous accessory for a summer evening and can be customized with a Tuscan or Cascina tile design. The Italian design creates an elegant gathering point to unwind after a long summer day, while the weather-resistant pit and can stay outdoors year-round.

montreal wall scounce
Photo Courtesy of The Urban Electric Co.

If we’re going to give you a wall sconce, you better believe it’s going to be completely awesome. The Montreal by The Urban Electric Co. will add a fantastic pop of color to your backyard. The base price of the sconce is listed at $2,300 since the finish and colors can be customized. The company will actually apply any Paint or Pantone color requested and do color matching as well, so the décor options are endless!

floating pool lights
Photo Courtesy of Moonlight USA Inc.

The light from a pool already gives off a pretty warm, expectant summer feeling, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't jazz it up with these Floating Pool Lights. Their modern look will easily impress guests and whether floating in the pool or used as décor elsewhere, they would definitely add a cool element. Plus, it really just makes us want to go swimming. According to, the globes are $1,000, but you need to contact Moonlight USA Inc for purchase and exact pricing.

floating oil lamps
Photo Courtesy of Jardin Chic

Instead of a modern pool accessory, this Floating Oil Lamp provides a serene lighting design. The lamp comes in copper or stainless steel, so the flame is not only reflected off the pool, but also off the lamp’s polished body. Throw five or six in the water, they're about $97 each, and let the flickering flame bring out a romantic ambiance. And why not pair that ambiance with a nice bottle of summer wine?

so fresh cooler
Photo Courtesy of Wicker Central

Now that you have your pool lights, it’s time to take the party up a notch. The So Fresh Cooler by Infinita will do just that, because it’s seriously cool! It lights up while keeping your drinks cold, which makes it a must-have accessory for a summer party. The cooler is about $274 and is portable, waterproof and weather resistant so it can stay outside all party long. The gadget emits a glow in white, a “candle effect,” or your choice of a possible 160,000 LED colors and lasts 12 hours per charge.

owl luminary
Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Owls are considered to be creatures of the night, and as soon as the sun sets these Owl Luminaries by MacKenzie-Childs will make unique accent pieces for your nocturnal parties. The antique-iron owls are a fun, whimsical way to light your backyard if you mix in a few clusters of both the large, which retail at $165, and smaller sizes, $65 each. Then just add tea light or votive candles and you’re set.

crystal chandelier
Photo Courtesy of Michael McHale Designs

The Outdoor Chandelier is the "world’s first chandelier designed to be kept outside all year round." It embodies the Michael McHale Designs signature aesthetic of repurposed industrial pipe and high-quality crystal, while providing a touch of glamour and elegance to any outdoor area. The fixture comes in a few sizes with a base price of $1,699.

iron chandelier
Photo Courtesy of Restoration Hardware

In contrast to the glimmering chandelier, we present to you the Steel Polyhedron Pendant. The industrial metal and classic triangular forms work together to create the beautiful symmetry of the openwork pendant. We suggest putting together a few in different sizes — the large pictured above is $795 — to create a dynamic décor element.

halley lamp
Photo Courtesy of Vibia

Halley is a magical, out-of-this-world lamp which resembles a comet in the night sky (Halley’s Comet, get it?). The arc design generates a beam of light across the slim structure and creates an amazing lighting effect for an outdoor dinner, table, or pathway. The fixture is made in Spain by Vibia and sold by YLiving for $3,185.

led chair
Photo Courtesy of Smart & Green

Chill out and grab a seat on the Side LED Chair by Smart & Green. How awesome is glowing furniture?  Especially this statement-making piece that retails for $1,279. With more than 160,000 color options, the chair makes a great accessory for any summer party or get-together. Actually, we’d use this all year long and even bring it into the house during colder months.

led cube
Photo Courtesy of Mad In Italy

The perfect companion to the LED side chair is The Cube. You can use it as a side table, chair, ottoman, or simply as decoration. It’s versatile and awesome. The Cube can be lit in your choice of more than 160,000 colors to create whatever ambiance works for you, and at $490 you can buy a few to set up a cool party atmosphere.

solar lamp
Photo Courtesy of Foscarini

Doubling as a side table, this Solar floor lamp by Jean Marie Massaud was designed as a center for social interaction. Although it’s not actually solar-powered, the lamp works great outdoors (there’s also an indoor version) and its functionality makes it a superb addition to your party furniture. Retailing for about $1,547, angling Solar in different ways gives you multiple lighting effects and various ambiances.

led planter
Photo Courtesy of Minimis

One of the best things about having an outdoor party is, well, being outdoors. Incorporate some planted greens into your lighting ensemble with the DOT LED Architectural Planter by Minimis. It's lit by a row of tiny, but surprisingly bright, LED lights at the base. The planter is customized through the Minimis site so prices will vary based on size and materials. According to, you can expect to pay around $1,795. It also includes an irrigation and sprinkler system, so you can really get your garden on!

break lamp
Photo Courtesy of Houzz

The Break lamp is so unique it could even pass as a sculpture. The outdoor lamp comes in two sizes, while the “break” in the two pieces of the lamp provides subtle lighting. You can use it to illuminate smaller spaces, or provide accent lighting without a harsh glare. The taller lamp retails at $1,825.

bliss lights
Photo Courtesy of Blisslights

Last but not least, you can create breathtaking lighting designs with Blisslights’ Outdoor Landscape Light. The unique laser light projects thousands of little lights to create a sparkling "firefly" effect. And at $229, you can buy a few colors to create a colorful party scene. Though they may look like Christmas lights, if you get creative with its placement we’re sure the finished look will be stunning for a summer shindig (and then you can go ahead and reuse it for the holidays!).