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Museum of Depressionist Art

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Depressionism, according to the landmark Johnson & Jansen "Big Book o' Art Stuff," is not limited to a single place or time. Instead it reflects the low point of an otherwise highly regarded artist's career. Picasso's "Blue Period" is a perfect example of this creative state of mind. Mrs. Mumblestoats describes it perfectly when she says "that boy was lower than an ant's bellybutton."

The complete catalogue raisonné of the Bagasse & Gematria Mumblestoats' Museum of Depressionist Art is now available online, with commentary graciously supplied by Gematria Mubblestoats and the museum's curator emeritus, Mr. Harvey Skopskie Bassoon. Also available for online visitors is the independently administered sculpture wing of the Museum, the Gladys Dwindlebimmers Ralston Gallery of the Unidentifiable. Please visit the Gallery after you have toured the paintings of the Museum.

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