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American Electrolux

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IF ONE WORD could describe the attitude of the U.S. in 1933, that word would be "hope." Men and women from all over the world came to America to reap the harvest in a land where "the streets were paved with gold." They brought their friends and families with them. But when they arrived, they found their future in America was bleak. With few jobs, and those jobs that were available were at poor pay, they found it difficult to feed their families.

America was in the middle of a great depression. Banks were closing and businesses were collapsing. Times were hard. Yet, out of this "brother can you spare a dime" era, people were beginning to sing a new tune that reminded "every cloud had a silver lining." Politicians promised that prosperity was just around a corner and there would be a "chicken for every pot." The nation's people began to hear new phrases .. WPA ... NPA ... and hope began to rise anew. But it was a hope built out of despair. For things couldn't get any worse, it seemed. The people had been hardened by defeat upon bitter defeat.

Against this grim backdrop - in the very midst of the turmoil and hardship - a small group of European businessmen with a vision made a major decision based upon great faith in the future of the United States. They decided to begin manufacturing, in the US, a quality product that the American public could afford to buy.

And that is where the story of the American Electrolux begins.

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