25-Story Vessel, Freedom Ship, Seeking $10 Billion from Investors

Posted: Dec. 3rd, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News


The Freedom Ship project is afloat again and seeking investment capital to take this concept to the sea from the drawing board, Newser reports.

At the helm of this grandiose project is Floridian Roger Gooch, who is reported to be seeking $1 billion to get it afloat. The super-size ship would be one mile long, 25 stories high, and weigh 2.7 million tons upon completion.

It is a concept that Mr. Gooch says would require $10 billion to complete. 

Newser aptly calls the Freedom Ship a “floating city." The super-size vessel would perpetually be out to sea. Since it would be four times longer than the Queen Mary, the Freedom Ship could not be docked at any port.

Investors' inquiries are being accepted on the project’s website. Additionally, opportunities for residential and commercial real estate are listed. A link to the website is included to prove that we are not making this up. 

 All aboard? (Please hold.)

….It will also have an airport, shopping centers, hotels, casinos, schools, a library, a hospital, parks, art and entertainment, banks, athletic and recreational facilities, and even aquariums.