40 Bizarre Toys for the Weird and the Wealthy

Posted: Aug. 23rd, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Mashable

Well color us vapid, too!

Perhaps we should tread lightly on this story without pushing that proverbial envelope too far … because JustLuxe has actually written about several of these items.  There are at least five or six of these that I know I personally covered. 

But why let that stop up us from sharing some of these high dollar and somewhat impractical items with our audience again in this photo gallery from Mashable titled “40 Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets.” 

Exorbitantly expensive and pushing eclectic to new heights, this is rich. Who could get by without a pair of 18-karat gold speakers for $4.7 million, or a $2-million home theater reminiscent of Batman’s bat cave called the Dark Knight Home Theater. The Giant Robot Warrior, which is at least 20 feet in stature and costs $1.35 million, might attract some attention in the neighborhood.  Would a Tron motorcycle from the Disney s film tickle your ivory for $55,000? It is street legal.

Viewing these 40 luxury toys also is a therapeutic experience of sorts, as the neck will likely up from shaking the head “no” one image at time. It is Friday.